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What’s Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8  tetrahydrocannabinol-delta 8 THC is a well-known compound obtained from cannabis plants. It has a similar compound to delta-9 THC that gets one high, causes a feeling of happiness, is pain free and many others.

These two are quite synonymous, especially in their chemical composition and IUPAC names. Delta-8 and Delta-9 (both THC) bind together in the endocannabinoid system. The covalent bond that gets one high is from the 9th carbon in Delta-9, while that of Delta-8 lies in the 8th carbon. Though Delta-8 exhibits similar characteristics to Delta-9, it has less potency and anxiety than Delta-9 due to the location of the double bond in it.

Delta-9 and Delta-8 are both forms of THC, but when THC is mentioned practically, it is usually in reference to Delta-9.(Even as we mentioned THC in this post, we are talking about Delta-9). 

However, Delta-8 appears to be more legal than Delta-9. Thus, what is delta 8 thc? Delta-8 is being cultivated largely as it can be extracted from both cannabis and hemp. Well, the interesting thing is that most countries that allow cannabis cultivation only make Delta-8 extracted from hemp legal, not that obtained from cannabis.

Furthermore, most Delta-8 products available on the market now are mostly from hemp, i.e., they are produced legally. As a result, people have been conditioned to consume Delta-8 in areas where Delta-9 consumption is prohibited.To keep the market, most producers now back the shipment of Delta-8 products all over the state.

Does Delta-8 Make One High? 

To answer this question, all THCs get you high, but the intensity of the high varies depending on the form of Delta-8. Of the two THCs (delta-8 and delta-9), delta-9 makes you very high compared to delta-9. Because of the health benefits, Delta-8 is much more relevant than Delta-8.

Delta-8 Feeling

According to reports and tests conducted on people that took delta-8, the feeling can be described as euphoric, causing a feeling of happiness and pain relief. However, many experts believe delta-8 is actually good at treating insomnia.

Talking about the negative effects, it has almost the same side effects as THC: red eyes, hunger, and short memory. 

Is Delta-8 legal? 

Since hemp is mostly legal in many states, Delta 8 is mostly gotten from hemp instead of cannabis. So, it’s legal in states where cannabis is illegal.

In the United States, Delta-8 is legal because of the 2013 farm bill and also because of its lower concentration of Delta-9 THC.

Can I Get Delta 8 In The Mail? 

Getting Delta-8 in the United States depends on the state you live in, as shipments are not allowed in some states. So you have to check if your state allows the shipment before placing your order.

How Is Delta-8 Produced? 

Due to the United States’ ban on cannabis, hemp is used to extract Delta-8.

In preparing Delta-8, cannabinoids are often extracted from hemp plants and distilled in isolation so that they form Delta-8 THC. Due to the long process involved in its production, Delta-8 is much more expensive than CBD.

Delta-8 is often difficult to obtain due to its newness in the cannabis industry. But when you finally get where to buy from, it’s advisable that you check the company’s information to check their product source. Delta-8 quality brands frequently have QR and verification codes on their store to show you the ingredients and sources it’s made from.You should stay off products that don’t conduct lab tests. 

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