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What You Need to Know Before Making an International Call!

Traveling overseas without a dependable way to contact friends, family, or clients can be unsettling. No matter where you are, staying in touch with your loved ones or clients is imperative.

You are never far from your loved one, no matter where you are in the globe. Technology has brought people closer together.

VoIP emerged from a telephone revolution sparked by modern technologies that have made communication simple. This technology transforms analog sound impulses into digital ones and uses the internet to send them to their target location. 

The way we communicate with one another has evolved from earlier generations. Thanks to technological improvements, we now have greater power over how we communicate. 

Ensure you have all the information you require before making an international call. You’ll learn what’s crucial and how to minimize call costs.

Here are some things you should know before placing an international call

  1. Ideal International Calling Apps

It is always a good idea for travelers to get an international phone plan.  Although, it is excellent to install the best calling apps in advance before you travel. You can research the best applications and be informed of your choices before placing an international call.

Here are some apps you need to familiarize yourself with before making that international call:

  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Talk360
  • Skype

These apps will provide you with a range of choices. Some require an internet connection, while others provide cheap international calling rates. 

For instance, WhatsApp is a well-known app that people use for free texting and calling. It is an excellent choice if you and the person you wish to call have a strong internet connection. 

The Talk360 app is another excellent choice, as you can call any mobile or landline number using the app. It is a reliable and cost-effective international calling app.

It’s perfect since you won’t have to worry about your loved one access to the internet to talk to you. This is such a life-saving app considering the low internet connection in some parts of Africa.

Let’s say you want to make a free call to Ethiopia to talk to your friends or family, the only obligation you have is to load the app with as little as $30 to connect with your loved ones. And the recipient may not even know you’re using an app to call them. 

If you wish to make video calls and talk to multiple people, then Skype can be a better option for you. But before you make the call, be aware that this software uses a lot of data. Therefore, finding free public WiFi is best to avoid hefty data fees.

  1. Phone Numbers Look Different

Source: Pixabay

You should be aware that phone numbers can appear differently depending on location. Knowing the international calling codes for the nation, you wish to call is crucial before placing the call.

Therefore, know the international calling code if you need to call another country when working, vacationing, or at home. If you don’t dial the correct international access code before dialing the specified phone number, the call won’t connect.

Calling abroad is quite simple with Talk360. You only need to use a format. For instance, if you wish to contact Ethiopia, you must know both the exit code for your country and the Ethiopian code (251). After that, enter the 6-digit subscriber mobile number you want to contact.

  1. Time Differences

Source: Pixabay

Before making an international call, keep in mind the various time zones. If you want to call a friend or client in Toronto, be aware that Toronto is five hours behind UK time.

If you call a client in Canada at 9 p.m. from London, it will be 2 a.m. there. It could not come off as professional and could damage your reputation and relationship with your clients.

Before making a call, always check the time difference and pick a time that works for both parties. If you have customers in several different countries, you might need to have your customer service line open 24/7. This allows clients to reach out whenever it is most convenient for them and within their time zone.

You can organize conference calls using the internal calendar apps. Although it might not always be possible to know what time participants from other organizations are available. There are various strategies to plan the ideal time for an international call.

Making a hand-drawn schedule of possible meeting times is the tried-and-true method. Create a column for each time zone from which conference participants will call. There should be different meeting times in each row. 

Start with a time you know will work for you and enter your time zone in the first column. For the remaining time zones in each row, use an international clock to fill them all in.

  1. International Calling Plans

Calling plans are not only available for domestic calls. You must know the available plans to make international calling convenient and economical. It may be imperative to obtain a plan before making the call if you anticipate making frequent cheap overseas calls.

You’ll probably be charged hefty roaming fees even if you have a special plan to use your phone when traveling. If your current plan doesn’t support international calls, you can purchase an unlimited VoIP plan, given the price of worldwide calling coverage.

A calling package will allow you to make calls while on long trips without breaking your wallet. Using calling plans, you can make cheap, premium-quality calls to Ethiopia or any other country.

  1. You can Rent a Phone

Before making an international call, think about renting a phone. Renting a phone may be the easiest way to make affordable international calls.

You can temporarily hire a phone from the host country if you’re only visiting there. Besides, you can also get a cheap phone with an international SIM card.

You should be aware that this remedy functions best in the short term. You could incur additional costs if your trip is unpredictably prolonged or your prepaid card expires.

Take Away

Traveling abroad is a thrilling experience, whether for work or vacation. However, being digitally stuck with no affordable ways to call your loved ones can be frustrating.

Fortunately, knowing your alternatives for international calling might make traveling easier for you. With all this valuable information, you may pick a plan that works for you before placing an overseas call.



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