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What Type of Man Are You? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

Are you feeling stuck in your relationships? Struggling to find the perfect partner? Unsure if he’s the right guy for you? Let’s clear up your relationship confusion once and for all with this quiz that will help you identify what type of man you should be dating based on your preferences, style, personality and goals! This quiz only takes five minutes, and afterward, you’ll feel more confident in knowing what you really want in a man and how to get it. Are you ready to discover your true love match? Take the quiz today!


Looking for love in all of the wrong places? Do you seem to always attract Mr. Wrong and never quite Mr. Right? Well, you’re not alone! In fact, according to new research from Wakefield and Company, 9 out of 10 women have a type when it comes to dating men.

The Ideal Guy

We all have an idealized version of who we’d like to be with. But if you’re like most women, you’re not entirely sure what type of man you’re after.

My Life as a Boy

I’m a huge believer in personality quizzes, since they make you think about yourself and your everyday decisions. This men type quiz is a great example for anyone interested in taking their personality knowledge up a notch or two! One of my favorite parts about fashion is dressing as one gender but feeling like another. I’ve often found that many ouji fashion styles mimic personalities typically attributed to women. For me, dressing how I want comes with a certain confidence that translates into daily life.

Growing up

When we were young, most girls had a crush on some boy—and probably wished they were best friends with him as well. However, few women continue having crushes on guys all through adulthood; in fact, some women have no romantic interest whatsoever. If you’re such a woman and you feel like it’s time for an older version of crush with some new hot guy, we’ve got just what you need—our Men Type quiz.

Teenage Years

Your teenage years were a time when you learned who you are and what you want out of life. It’s important for all young adults to remember that who they are now is much different from who they will be later in life. As such, it’s crucial for young adults (both men and women) to have a good understanding of what type of man they are—to ensure that they pick partners with whom they will be happy and compatible.


In today’s society, we are all in a constant state of growing up. But just how much responsibility do you have, or don’t have, depending on your age and status in life? Read along as we discuss how adulthood manifests itself for men versus women. Because there is one type for guys, and a totally different one for girls… right?


So, is your type a Tsundere? A Yandere? A Kyoufu-Kyouri (fear and disgust) type? Well, then you’re in luck because we’ve made a quiz that can easily tell you your type. This men type quiz is perfect for women as it tells you what kind of guy to look out for. So, are you ready for our cute little quiz?

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