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What To Look Out In Any Movers And Packers Before Finalizing 

People and goods movement from one place or city has become a regular norm. Staying in rented accommodation is one of the biggest reasons people shift from one city to another. Career advancements and the desire to move to a better location also bring an address change. Hence, packers and movers are in high demand for homes and commercial establishments relocation. 

Moving and packing require unique expertise and experience. Much is at stake, including goods, money, and time. So, one needs to be extra careful before hiring packers and movers. Moving is back-breaking work and hiring professional movers physically and mentally takes off the lifting burden from your mind. Here are some essential tips to remember before finalizing a mover and packer for domestic or commercial reasons. 

  1. A Proven Track Record Helps 

Trying out a couple of months old companies in any profession is not a bad idea. But choosing a moving and packing firm with established credentials is often the right way. Check about the best national moving companies like Movesure International, Interem, and The Relocator on the internet to get a fair idea of the companies’ track record and commercial rates. 

Find out pertinent factors about a moving and packing firm like punctuality and handling of material possessions. Unless you have fantastic feedback about a new moving company, it is best to stick to professional movers and packers with proven competency.  

  1. Transparency In Rates Counts 

When you find out about a particular moving company’s services, they may quote you a price based on the hours and staff count you require. Remember that the rates they give are only a base rate and may not consider the necessary materials to make the goods’ movement successful. 

Other factors like the weight of objects to be shifted and the distance to be covered also add to the transportation costs. It is best to get a complete breakdown of packing and moving rates, not over a phone call, but a formal estimate in writing. Ask for pricing details and additional charges when the firm visits your house to evaluate your belongings.  

  1. An Officially Insured Company Matters  

Hiring an uninsured mover and packer may make you suffer significant losses if your belongings get damaged or delayed on their way. With an insured relocation service provider, you can be confident of the goods to be shifted. That’s where an officially licensed and insured moving company is relevant and legally bound to protect your interests in shipment.    

Find trustworthy movers by searching the moving companies directory, which has a database of over 600 reputable movers and customer reviews. You can also do a quality search of the American Trucking Associations’ ProMovers List, which shows you a list of vetted movers in each state.   

  1. Good Reviews Are Significant 

Once you have made the list of potential movers and packers’ firms, use online reviews to verify facts about them. Most users like to leave their negative or positive thoughts, and both are vital to know before you hire a moving company. 

Read online reviews posted by a professional and neutral body to learn about people’s experiences with a moving company. It may even fill you up on essential variables you wouldn’t have known otherwise.    

  1. Individual Needs’ Fulfilment Are A Must  

Before you plan to move into a studio apartment or a 3 BHK, ensure that the moving company you wish to hire can fulfil all your needs. Think about your individual needs and ask the moving company the right questions to ensure you get the best professional service. Consider the following points: 

  • Whether the movers and packer have a moving truck of the right size to fit all your furniture and boxes. 
  • Whether the moving firm can provide you with additional packing supplies, such as bubble wrap, garment boxes, moving blankets, etc. 
  • Whether the moving company can guarantee pickup and delivery dates and time slots convenient to you 
  1. Beware Of Frauds 

The service industry is not devoid of company frauds, dishonesty, and malpractices. While millions of people move every year, a small percentage of people may experience unprofessional behavior and service. You need to verify the legitimate status of a moving firm. Check service provider details like an active license, look up their service records, and ensure they have a valid address and are not limited to a P.O. box. 

Be wary of any mover firm that asks for a deposit fee, especially if it is over 20 percent. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers specific tips on hiring a legitimate moving company. 

Wrapping Up 

Sometimes, moving companies may refuse to move your goods until you pay them the money they are demanding, even if it is a few dollars more than the agreed amount. If this happens, immediately complain to a city court.  

Regardless of where you live, do your basic research, ask around, and look around for an alternative if your current company is faulting on its service. Focus on hiring a moving company with sound credentials and timely and high-quality service. 

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