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What to look for in a motorcycle bag?

Motorcycle bags are inevitable accessories when traveling long distances on our bikes. We need to carry water, smartphone chargers, and cameras if we are vloggers. Saddlebag for Royal Enfield is a common choice when it comes to bags for motorcycle owners.

Must-have Features in a motorcycle bag

Before getting into the must-have features, let us explore the types of motorcycle bags that are available in the market.

Motorcycle bags for smaller luggage

  • Tank bags- This is a popular luggage option for bike owners with metal thanks like the Royal Enfield bikes etc. These bags can carry less weight and can be used for items like food items, mobile chargers, battery packs, etc.

Tank bags are of two types- magnetic and non magnetic. Magnetic ones are easy to use as they strap right onto the tank of the motorcycle. The magnets are strong enough to keep the bag into place.

But all bike tanks do not have a large area of metallic parts. In that case, one can use non magnetic tank bags. These have straps that are tied on the fuel tank. Sometimes the strap holder is separate and that facilitates easier installation of the bag on the go.

  • Saddle bags- Single sided saddle bags are often small bags. These can carry water bottles, food items and containers and many more. Saddle bags have greater carrying capacity when compared to Tank bags.

Saddlebags can be mounted on the  side of a motorcycle. First, a saddle stay is fitted on the side of the motorcycle and then the saddlebag is strapped onto this saddle stay.

Water resistant bags

  • Trunk boxes or tail boxes- These are hard boxed luggage carriers and are good for storing delicate gadgets like mobile phones, cameras or hard drives as trunk boxes will protect  them from rain and dust.

Trunk boxes are water resistant and dust resistant and thus they are great for carrying electronic gadgets or anything that will get damaged by nature conditions.

  • Military duffle bag- Military duffle bags from Trip Machine is the leader of this segment. They manufacture genuine grained leather bags and come in attractive colors. These are best for retro or classic lovers. It brings the essence of the old British military.

These bags can be carried on your shoulder as well and you can take it to the gym. So, all in all it is a multipurpose bag for various occasions.

Motorcycle bags for greater storing capacity

Motorcycle bags are also available for carrying more load. These include double-sided saddle bags, adventure tall bags and tail bags. Let us talk about each one of these.

  • Double sided saddlebag– Double sided saddlebags are another form of saddlebags. These have two compartments for storing more luggage. You can take clothes, extra emergency petrol and raincoat on your long rides. You can also take a portable oven.
  • Adventure tall bags- These are a form backpack which are tall in length and can carry more luggage than any average backpacks. If you are out for a long time maybe for weeks then a tall backpack will  be nice. You can carry expensive items in this too and as this will always be with you so there is nothing to be afraid of getting robbed if you stay at secured places.
  • Tail bags are more or less like the double sided saddlebags. The design architecture is the same but the tail bags sit on a more rear portion of a motorcycle. They generally are tied on the rear tail stand so that sets them apart from saddlebags.

What factors should you consider before buying a motorcycle bag

Before buying a motorcycle you need to analyze the following points which will help you understand which bag will be right for you:

  • At the beginning, decide why you need a motorcycle bag. The purpose will make you aware of the capacity of the bag which you should buy. If your needs are bigger, then a small bag will be useless. 
  • After deciding the purpose, now decide the type. There are several options for each small and a large bag. You may like the tank bags more than the single saddlebags. There is no harm in it.

Then there’s a huge choice of colors and you can buy the one which suits you. You can buy according to your clothing style too.

  • Then you need to select the material that you want. Bags can be genuine leather made or synthetic leather or fabric. Genuine leather bags are the most durable and look the best. Color choice is also quite good for leather bags.

You can buy vintage brown, cherry red or tobacco brown colors. These are classy colors and will suit if you have a Royal Enfield or a Triumph motorcycle. 

  • Next, you should judge the durability of the bag you are about to purchase. Always try to buy a bag which has a warranty and that will ensure a good quality product. Even if you find defects, they will be repaired or replaced.

Last but not the least

  • Water-resistance is an integral necessity of luggage carriers. When you are going on long rides, you may face the rain any time. So, buy a motorcycle bag which is water-resistant and also has rain cover.

In a nutshell, consider the purpose of buying, material quality, and water resistance of motorcycle bags before getting one. Along with motorcycle bags, we should use riding gears which serve the function of protection for us.

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