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What To Know About Dual Zone Wine Coolers?

Most people become wine collectors as a hobby. Unfortunately, it’s an expensive hobby, especially if you have an extensive collection of bottles at home. Besides paying for the wine bottles, you also have to cater to the cost of your wine storage. Some wine storage options include a personal cooler, dual-zone cooler, or thermoelectric cooler. The dual cooler is excellent for storing red and white wines at the correct temperatures. So, what information do you have on dual zone wine coolers?

What is a wine cooler?

dual-zone wine cooler refers to a wine cooler that offers two temperatures. The coolers are either chambers with different temperature controls or a single large section that you can separate the temperature zones into two.

The storage is ideal for medium to extensive wine collections or if you want to have a wine serving and store wine for a long time undisturbed. For example, if you own this cooler, you can store your red wines at 12 degrees and white wines and sparkling wines at 9 to 10 degrees. The coolers come in different sizes to fit under countertops and are large enough to stand alone or next to the fridge.

How does the wine cooler work?

A wine cooler has two compartments separated by a divider to ensure both temperatures are regulated. The cooler is mainly made from a stainless steel separator between the two zones.

However, many multi-zones are made of polyvalent technology that distributes air in a particular way to offer three temperature zones in one unit. For example, wine coolers generate cold air to regulate the temperature. For you to achieve this, the cooler must have:

● An effective air generating system

● Coolant

But all this depends on the type of dual zone wine cooler. The cooler produces vapor from the coolant and dispenses the cool air via evaporator coils. However, that has been modified, and many manufacturers are now utilizing electric currents.

Modern dual zone wine coolers have distinct electric currents that split the two separate heating units. The two electric currents make two independent temperature zones within the cooler. In most cases, there will be two different control setups in each zone in these coolers.

In addition, these coolers have a control panel. The control can be put onto the door, inside the unit, or even through your mobile phone. The control panel helps you control the temperature in each zone. Other coolers sometimes have alarms that ring when the temperature drops beyond the set temperature.

What to look for before buying a wine cooler?

Before buying a wine cooler, do your research. Some of the attributes you should look for while purchasing are:

● It should have a lockable door. This type is best for wine lovers with children in the house.

● It should look like furniture- there are wine coolers that look like chests from a dining set. It can be a breathtaking addition to your furniture collection. Another looks like a refrigerator with glass doors.

Dual wine coolers are an excellent investment for your wine collection. They offer you two distinct temperatures to ensure your wine doesn’t go stale. So if you love storing wines, you can shop for one for your collection.

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