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What to Buy – Memory Foam or Gel-Infused Mattresses?

Sleep plays an important role in our life, as it protects our health mentally and physically. Everyone needs seven to eight hours of sleep, and lack of it may cause you so many health problems related to the immune system, heart health, mood, etc. While there are so many factors that affect a good sleep, a mattress plays an important role.

A good mattress should not be like that you have to compromise your comfort while sleeping. It should be able to provide you with good posture and support your spine alignment. So, when you have decided to buy a good mattress, there comes the question of comfort, what is the best mattress 2022? Memory foam or gel-infused memory foam?

Though it’s a pretty big deal to decide, with a clear understanding of these two, you can make a perfect choice according to your convenience and budget. 

Memory Foam And Gel Memory Foam

In the production of memory foam, some chemicals are added to polyurethane and it results in viscoelastic foam. It provides proper spine alignment as it molds to the body when you lay on it and gets back to its original shape once you are out of it.  

It provides soft and pressure-relieving comfort and hence is suitable for anyone, side sleeper or one who suffers from pain. 

Since memory foam disperses the weight evenly, it helps reduce the pressure on certain points and improves blood circulation. As a result, you can sleep without experiencing any pain and aches.

Memory foam is suitable for any kind of foundation, be it a box spring or slatted platform bed, floor, or any solid foundation. It is also well-known for isolating motion transfer. It doesn’t transfer, but absorbs the motion. So, if you have a sleeping partner or kids with different sleep schedules, the ins and outs won’t disturb your sleep and you can sleep in peace. 

While gel-infused memory foam shares most of the characteristics of memory foam, the difference is, gel microbeads. The addition of gel microbeads makes them more breathable and pulls the heat away from your body while you sleep and provides a cooler night’s sleep. It also increases the density of the foam and provides a soft and firm surface. 

One drawback of both these types of foam is the smell of VOC (Volatile organic compounds) when it is first moved into your house. Many people won’t like the smell. However, there is nothing to worry about; this smell will dissipate within seven days. 

These foam mattresses can last up to ten years. It can also stay comfy and supportive but won’t sag after years of usage. 

Now let us see the difference between both these types. 

The main thing that both differ is heat retention. Traditional memory foam retains heat because of the foam density. Due to this characteristic, your sleep is disturbed and you wake up sweating. 

On the other hand, the cooling gels absorb the heat and you can feel the temperature difference. However, a gel-infused mattress can also become hot once it has absorbed heat as much as it can. 

When it comes to cost, you may wonder that gen-infused mattresses come with a high price tag. This is because apart from using cooling gel, manufacturing these high-quality mattresses also needs extra processing to infuse these gels. 

So, while shopping for a mattress, if you want to sleep cool then a gel-infused memory foam mattress can be the best option. If you are on a budget then check the density of each layer since high-quality mattresses come with high density and will last for many years. 

If you are looking for some other mattress options then latex, innerspring and hybrid mattresses are the best. 

  • Latex is a natural product and much like memory foams they conform closely to the body and provide the best spine support. When compared to memory foam, you can sleep much cooler in these latex mattresses since it allows better air circulation. Another main benefit is it has minimal off-gassing. 
  • Innerspring mattresses use several individually wrapped pocketed coils covered by layers of fibers and foams. 
  • A hybrid mattress is a combination of innerspring and memory foam or latex or gel-infused memory foam.

When it comes to noise, hybrid and innerspring mattresses make noise when you get on them while all-foam mattresses are the quietest ones.



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