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What the media may not show you about Video production in Dubai

You may need to pardon me, but again, I can’t get tired of talking about the megacity of Dubai being a place of opportunities and bliss, something like El Dorado for those in the quest for gold. The government of the UAE, [United Arab Emirates] through the current leadership of HRM Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan as the incumbent president after the demise of his brother Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan have over the years kept one thing in common, which is innovation. If you have a dream, or perhaps just a zeal, and you pay attention to trends, information, and opportunities around you in Dubai, I can guarantee that over time, you will see things falling in the right places… provided you have your papers complete though [humor]. The UAE as a country with tentacles in 7 emirates has housed great ideas, from oil, construction, real estate, hotel services, video production base, travel, and expedition to name but a few. In the business of video production, the city of Dubai has been used a countless number of times as a location for blockbuster movies, billboard charts songs, and amazing photoshoot sessions. This has been because Dubai houses many video production houses, and likewise has hubs for the camera, film/video production equipment rentals, asides from the wonderful natural ambiance to thank for.

In today’s read, I will be sharing insights on Video Production Dubai, likewise taking further deep into the business of rental, how video production and rental are perceived in Dubai, how lucrative the business is, and the possible hazards in the business. Kindly do well to read through to the end, as you are about to initiate another deposit into your knowledge bank.

How video production is perceived in Dubai.

Video production in Dubai is a booming business that is not a surprise since Dubai is an international hub for film production. This sector has been a jolly ride for most individuals, as there are plenty of opportunities for film producers who seek to make their mark in an exciting new industry. Away from the perks, there are also a lot of hazards involved in the industry, which can make it difficult for new companies to get off the ground. Nonetheless, this laudable insignia makes companies interested in working with the city’s talented film crews like Film District Dubai, among others. 

Video production in Dubai is shaped into three stages which are Pre-production, Production, and Post-production. While the Pre-production requires adequate planning; this shapes from research to administrative, the cast, logistics, scheduling, scriptwriting, translations, and miscellaneous. 

The production stage centers on the content for the production. This stage requires the efforts of the crew, location, and equipment. The post-production stage requires that the footage is perfect for use digitally. This stage includes audio, graphic designs, subtitles, audio, color grading, audio, subtitles, soundtrack, and an endless list of creativity depending on what to achieve.

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How lucrative is video production in Dubai?

The business of video production in Dubai may be tedious, especially when there are different arms to the service of video production. Some of the easily identified categories would be event coverage, film/music video shoot, marketing and promotions in product launch or introduction to a brand/service, educational, testimonials, and an endless list of creativity. Either way, with the proper audience and how you sell your brand, video production is a lucrative sector in Dubai. For every prospective client, a videographer would always consider the scale of the video shoot, the duration, the budget, the scope of it [what it entails], the audience, and what the goal/purpose of the production is. This helps the videographer design a plan, sell it to the client, and with the right team, depending on the scope, they can make yet another lucrative video production with the audience in mind.

Video production in Dubai is very lucrative, especially if you have the right equipment, the right team, and excellent customer relationship skill. Once you know your onions in the industry, you could make at least AED 10,500 for an Event video production, AED 15,000 for an animated video, and perhaps AED 12,000 for a corporate shoot, depending on the details of the video production.

What is the hazard in video production?

There are many hazards involved with video production Dubai, including working with people who aren’t familiar with certain pieces of equipment or working on tight deadlines with little time for error correction. 

While there are several hazards associated with video production in Dubai, the major challenge would be the procurement of this equipment and props. Another similar challenge would be the case of theft, which means that if your equipment gets stolen on location, there is more than a reason to worry. Another is natural disasters like sandstorms or dust devils, and lightning/rainfall at a location depending on the theme, which could damage your equipment. Power outage is another thing of worry, as this could come in form of a surge or spike which toasts your equipment into fumes if not flames. 

In video production, there is a need for the team to have adequate information on the use of each piece of equipment; and beyond this use, they must have a full safety standard procedure adhered to. This will not only help your equipment serve the test of time but also help with your sanity as a company rendering services.

How do video equipment rental companies make a profit?

First of all, before we get into all details, may I quickly suggest that every video production outfit rendering services and rent equipment must buy an insurance policy to serve you as a company. Ensure that the policy is carefully explained to you, and you ask questions when in doubt, likewise can you choose to seek the help of a legal practitioner where necessary to help beam light on the grey areas in the policy. Once this is sorted, you can now draw up avenues where you can make a profit rendering video equipment rental.

I know people might be quick to ask why you charge a lot of money but bear in mind that renting out high-quality video equipment cannot come cheap. And there are some other costs associated with this like: insurance, taxes, purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, and more.

Video equipment rental companies can use different strategies to make money. one of the avenues is charging a fee for equipment rentals, then selling additional services like editing and post-production editing. Please note that the rentals would be passed on to each piece of equipment, and this is at an hourly rate. Another avenue is charging for space on your [the company] server so that clients can store footage after they’ve finished shooting it. Some companies may offer both of these options together or separately, depending on the budget available when they begin filming the client’s project and how much time you want to spend editing afterward once everything is ready. Some clients or prospective clients could also seek the professional expertise of your company to help purchase a piece of equipment they have used with you or rather consult. Likewise, video production/video equipment rental companies could sell off a piece of equipment they consider to be old, weak, or just for the need to get the latest.

What risks do filmmakers face with video equipment rental companies?

Asides from language being a barrier when destination spots are considered for video production, there are other possible risks that filmmakers may encounter in the process of renting a piece of equipment for their sessions.

For outdoor shoot purposes, the risk would probably be the damage or loss/theft of equipment due to improper storage practices during transporting between locations where filming takes place. This is usually eased by asking that the filmmaker/client initiates a down payment for damages, likewise, the initial move by the Video Production Company Dubai to insure either the equipment or the company as the case may be.

Another challenge they may encounter could be in the place of payment. When payment options like an initial deposit and then damages are sought with an option to pay a balance depending on the quote and ethics of the organization, clients could default by giving excuses instead of completing payments.

In summary, video production is a lucrative business in Dubai, and equipment rental businesses can rent out video cameras and stands, lighting equipment, and other equipment to filmmakers and videographers who seek to create professional content for an audience. The rental services can be profitable because the production house would charge a fee for each piece of equipment rented out. It is also important to note that some companies would charge an additional fee based on the duration and scope of the service where necessary.

Whenever you need a hand with professional video production or you seek to rent video production equipment for that corporate, or informal promotion in Dubai, you can always rely on Film District Dubai. They will guarantee you state-of-the-art equipment to ease your production journey, likewise help better tell your tale for the video shoot, while providing tailored services you never imagined.

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