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What Should You Expect from The No Scalpel Vasectomy Procedure?

When it comes to family planning, vasectomy is an affordable and safe procedure for men. There are two types of vasectomy procedures: the conventional vasectomy and the other that does not involve the use of the scalpel. The latter is more popular as it has no downtime and the side effects are nil or very low.

The no scalpel vasectomy for men is more comfortable than conventional vasectomy. In this procedure, the doctor will make the skin of your scrotum numb and, with the help of a very fine needle, makes a puncture into it. The vas deferens are later cut and sealed. The hole recovers on its own and does not need any stitches.

The urologist blocks the tubes that carry the male sperm from the testicles in this procedure. Men can ejaculate; however, it no longer carries the sperm responsible for pregnancy in the woman.

Recovery time for the procedure

The recovery time for men in the no scalpel vasectomy is much faster than the conventional vasectomy. The latter takes about one week, and you need to rest well. In the case of the no scalpel vasectomy procedure, you can go home after the procedure. However, you need to apply ice to the region and prevent lifting heavy weights for some days. There is no or hardly any sort of side effects, and you can resume normal activities in just a few days.

During the procedure, you will feel a slight discomfort in the region that fades away within a short time. However, if you are really sensitive to pain, you can ask your doctor to apply local anesthesia to make you comfortable.

On the day of the procedure, doctors recommend you bring along your spouse or partner as you might not be able to drive home on your own. The area will be inflamed a little; however, it will subside when you apply ice to the region. It is recommended to wear comfortable underwear and clothes on the day of the vasectomy.

Choosing the doctor for your vasectomy procedure

When it comes to the no scalpel vasectomy, you need to carefully choose your doctor. Ensure you choose a surgeon who is experienced in the field of no scalpel vasectomy with proven track records and positive reviews.

A good doctor will always make you feel comfortable

A good doctor will make you feel comfortable and ensure the procedure is conducted safely in a neat hospital or clinic setting. Read reviews of the doctor before you schedule a consultation. On the appointment day, take your spouse or partner with you. A good doctor will address all your concerns and make both of you comfortable when it comes to choosing whether you should opt for the procedure or not. Remember, a vasectomy means you will have no children in the future, so discuss the matter with your spouse before you go ahead with the procedure!

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