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What is the value of vehicle transfer in 2022?

Want to know the value of vehicle transfer in your state? So you are in the right place. In this article, you will find the values ​​of all Brazilian states.

When buying a car, you need to be concerned about a number of factors. Check if the car has already been damaged, if it has debts due to previous financing or even fines, among other items. In addition to all this, the buyer needs to keep in mind all the expenses he will have ahead of him, which includes the vehicle transfer value in 2022, for the acquisitions made this year. To make your life easier, we have separated this information from the prices of this service in all states of Brazil.

Before knowing what the vehicle transfer value is in 2022, however, it is necessary to understand what this service represents. The transfer of a vehicle is nothing more than the change of ownership of the car. Thus, it is necessary that the documentation no longer has the name of the former owner of the car and passes to the new owner. As it is a complex procedure that requires several steps, we have also listed everything that needs to be done throughout this text. 

See the value of vehicle transfer in 2022

The value of vehicle transfer is R$ 246.17 in São Paulo. This amount, however, varies as determined by the State Department of Transit ( Detran ) of each state. In Bahia, for example, the value is R$ 225.62, while in the Rio Grande do Sul this service costs R$ 226.86. Keep in mind that the price changes every year.

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How to transfer a vehicle?

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See below for everything about how to transfer your vehicle. If you prefer, we have a step-by-step guide on vehicle transfer

Necessary documents

In addition to knowing the vehicle transfer value in 2022, it is necessary to know which documents are required for this process (original and simple copy). First of all, whoever buys the car needs the Vehicle Registration Certificate ( CRV ) signed by the person who is selling it with a notarized signature. It is also necessary for the RG or CNH of the new owner, to report the transfer vehicle inspection carried out by the Dean of the state in question or by an accredited company. Finally, proof of payment of the fees involved in the service is also required. 

Where is it made?

It is possible to transfer the vehicle at Detran, at its advanced service stations, or at Ciretran (representation of the entity in the buyer’s city). Be aware that some states require you to register in advance on the institution’s website.

How long do I have to make the transfer?

According to Dean, the vehicle buyer has up to 30 days to transfer the vehicle. This period starts counting from the date the CRV was signed. After that time, a fine of R$ 195.23 will be charged, classified as serious, in addition to five points on the new owner’s driver’s license. 

What if the vehicle is from another city or state?

Until 2014, the inspection was only required if the vehicle was from another state or city, as it was necessary to change the seal. Now, even if there is no transfer of location, the inspection needs to be carried out so that the process can proceed normally.

What if the vehicle is financed?

If the vehicle is financed by any modality, this information must be included in the CRV as a note. Thus, it is shown that the automobile is alienated. In this way, this fact is registered with the Detran and, if the car is transferred still containing this debt without the financing being paid off, the alienation will appear in the document of the new owner. 

Note: all information regarding the vehicle transfer value in 2022 was taken from the Detran website of each state. Some of the values ​​include other services, such as inspection and others refer only to the price of issuing the documents themselves. If you have any questions, contact your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles directly.

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