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What is the difference between a reward and an award? What's the Difference? - Mazing US
Saturday, February 24, 2024
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What is the difference between a reward and an award? What’s the Difference?

It is not uncommon for individuals to misunderstand two words with the same sound since the sounds are so similar. These kinds of terms are abundant in the English language. People often mix up the meanings of the English terms “Reward” and “Award.” Both of these words are part of the English language.

Even though these two terms have highly similar meanings and use, they yet sound identical. However, you cannot use one of them in place of the other.

On the one hand, an award is a recognition presented to a person in front of the general public when that person accomplishes something extraordinary or performs something special. On the other hand, a reward is a compensation presented to a person for the excellent work or hard work that he has done.

What is the Award?

In contrast to a reward, an award is presented to a person or organization when that person or organization has accomplished something remarkable or delivered an exceptional performance. 

when a record is broken when someone makes an enormous contribution to a particular field, or when someone breaks a record. The prizes are often presented at a ceremony held in front of the general audience.

The presentation of an award is a ceremonial means of showing appreciation for the accomplishments of a person, group, or organization. In most cases, the award recipient will be presented with monetary compensation, a certificate, a medal, a trophy, a reward, gifts, praises, etc.

What is the Reward?

A person receives a prize in recognition of their dedicated dedication, consistent hard work, unwavering commitment, and ethical approach to their employment. The reward may come in monetary compensation, or it may simply take the shape of verbal commendation.

There is neither a panel of qualified individuals to review the individual’s work nor was the individual chosen via any predetermined procedure. A person receiving a prize does not necessarily need to have satisfied a specific requirement to be eligible for the award.

The reward is provided to a person to inspire them to continue the task, and it is also given to others for them to be motivated.

Typically, rewards are bestowed in a private setting, although they are presented in public on occasion. It is helpful to promote the job done by the individual being awarded when the prize is presented in public.

The primary distinction between Awards and Rewards is as follows:

So, now let’s have a look at the award vs reward distinction to understand better-

  • When a person accomplishes a goal or delivers exceptional performance, an award is presented to that individual. A person may get acknowledgment in the form of a reward for the work that they have made or the achievements that they have made.
  • A monetary sum, medal, trophy, prize, or certificate may be presented in the form of an award. A reward may take money, or it may be expressed in praise.
  • When bestowing an award, it is customary to do it in the presence of the general public, and in most cases, a formal ceremony will be held to present the honor. When an award is bestowed to a person, it is often done so in secret, and there is typically no ceremony involved.
  • A person receives an award in recognition of the decision made by an expert panel in their field. It is up to the individual, not the panel of experts, to choose the prize given to the recipient.


It is possible to state that an award or a prize is presented whenever something pleasant or beneficial has been accomplished. Award and reward are two different words that mean the same thing: to encourage and motivate people based on their behavior.

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