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What Is LEGO Piece 26047?

What’s LEGO Piece 26047? If you’ve spent much time browsing the Internet, you might have come across an image of this piece and wondered what it was, what it meant, and how to use it in your own Lego creations. While those questions have simple answers—there’s no such piece, it means nothing, and you can’t—LEGO Piece 26047 has become a popular Web meme that depicts ridiculous scenarios that are set up only to be demolished by the appearance of LEGO Piece 26047. Check out these examples to see what we mean!

The Origin of LEGO Piece 26047
The meme originated in 2011, when user Zombieman9000 posted it on Tumblr. This very same post has been reposted onto other Tumblr blogs, including some reposts to pages with larger amounts of followers. From there, it spread to 4chan (creating an account may be required to view). Many people claim that they have seen a ghostly version of a Lego man made out of these pieces. If you build a pile with them and leave it overnight, you’ll see him. He’s translucent and seems like he’s floating above ground in mid-air.

The Story Behind LEGO Piece 26047
The Ostrich can be found as a randomly selected element in standard LEGO sets. While there are dozens of different types of ostriches in varying colors, pieces and sizes, The Ostrich is by far one of the most common. If you’re looking for a simple but secure way to connect your structure together or add additional weight to your model, The Ostrich is definitely worth considering; however, if you’re trying to finish off that intricate design with a perfect hairline, it might be best to avoid The Ostrich at all costs. Why you ask? Well for starters it doesn’t really look like an ostrich at all!

The Purpose of the LEGO Piece Meme
The purpose of memes is to spread a message in a fun and memorable way. Therefore, people use memes in order to impress others. In contrast, some people use them just for humor or entertainment. It all depends on what your intent is when you are creating one. A good rule of thumb is that if it ends up hurting someone, then it’s not funny and should be deleted immediately.

How the LEGO Piece Meme Spread
There are many ways of sharing a meme, but some social media platforms allow memes to be shared in more innovative ways. On Reddit, users began posting photos of themselves holding pieces from their LEGO sets with captions of what each piece signified. The idea was that every person would hold up different pieces to represent each aspect of their lives. Many people think that R/LEGO’s initial post was posted by a bot or shill account and inadvertently kickstarted a movement that has spread like wildfire through multiple social media platforms.

The Meaning of Number 26047 in the Digital World
Number 26047 is a variation of a meme on websites such as Reddit and 4chan, where it is believed to be a random number relating to anything happening in that moment. There are many theories on what it means, but there is no official origin or explanation for its occurrence; however, it appears most frequently when someone is about to make a claim or do something questionable or foolish. The meme’s meaning continues to change as time goes on and its meaning becomes more obscure.