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What Is Guest Blogging? How To Get Your Writing Published

Do you want to take a break from hosting content on your website? You might be a freelancer who is looking to build your portfolio. Whatever case it may be, you know that guest blogging can help your reach your goals. This article provides a guideline for guest blogging.

What Is Guest Blogging?

It is the win-win solution that guest blogging offers for all parties that makes it so popular. But what exactly does mean? Guest blogging is also known as a guest post, and it involves creating content for websites that are not yours.

The guest blogging program allows companies to build relationships, increase content, and tap into industry thought leaders. Writing guest blogs can lead to brand authority, increased exposure to new audiences, and backlinks.

How To Create A Perfect Guest Post Pitch

Your content selection is the hardest aspect of guest blogging. You could receive hundreds of emails daily about guest posting opportunities on a popular website. You must learn how to stand apart from the rest and get your emails responded to.

A good place to start is to learn how to send outreach. Before you can send out a guest-post pitch email, it is important to understand how to create the perfect pitch email. You also need to know what common mistakes to avoid. This is how to make your chances of being seen once you have mastered the art.

Here are four things to include when you send your guest a post-cold emails pitch.

  • A personal introduction that proves you have done your homework
  • A brief introduction about you, your title, and your company. And why you’re an expert.
  • Consider 3-5 different article concepts that correspond with the brand you are pitching
  • Offer guest post swaps if your company has a guest blog program

These tips may sound simple and obvious, but they will make your pitch more effective. You are showing that you take the time to write individual pitches. This shows that your goal is to add value to their blog.

 Tips for guest blogging are actionable

After your pitch has received approval, it’s now time to get started! Your writing skills should be good enough if you’re guest-writing for someone else. Guest blogging requires special care as it is a different form of content.

1. Understand Your Audience First

All content should be written with the audience’s needs in mind. This might seem obvious when writing for your site, but you need to be extra careful when writing guest blogs. It’s important to take the time and look at the content published on the website that you’re writing for. This will help you identify your target audience.

2. You Can Adapt Your Content

Once you have a good idea of who your target audience is, you can tailor your content. You can read some posts from the team you’re writing to and then match your tone and writing style with theirs. These are some suggestions to improve your writing.

  • Be clear about the topic, and get rid of any off-topic tangents.
  • Be confident in writing with your unique voice
  • Use descriptive storytelling as a way to explain to the reader your message.
  • Reduce the use of words and phrases that are not needed.

You should match the tone of the blog pitching you to. This will allow you to ensure that your piece matches the brand identity and tone of the website where it is being written.

3. You Shouldn’t Overload The Links

One of the many benefits of guest blogging of linking to your content. While it may be tempting for you to insert as many links in your content as possible, you should steer clear of this. Link-stuffing or forcing links on another site (or your own) will reduce its SEO value. It can also irritate the people you are writing for.

4. You Can Use Branded Images To Your Advantage

We all know that linking to your content generates traffic. However, there are many other ways that your brand can be incorporated into guest posts.

Branded pictures are a way to break up text and create white spaces in your posts, while simultaneously promoting your brand. They also make it easy for you to save time and create a valuable asset.

5. Never Lose Sight Of The Basics

It is hard to beat the feeling of being rejected for a guest blog. You can turn your content from thought leadership gold to an amateur hour by not paying enough attention.


Guest blogging is a great way to get your writing published. A guest blog is when a blogger takes content from another website and posts it on their blog. You can also use Guest Post Service UK to post your content. These services offer templates, editing, and branding options so that you can create a high-quality blog post.