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What is done in a financial advisory?: Why choose a financial advisor?

Financial advice is given by a financial expert who decided to dedicate himself to financial trainingThis person must be qualified and certified, with extensive experience in investments, banking and finance. With a good advisory service, you get the advantage of not depending on banking or financial entities and therefore, there are no conflicts of interest.

This teaching in finance seeks to organize investments tailored to the client, be it a person or a company. Financial advice enables entrepreneurs to decide on good investments for themselves, being able to plan and take impartial strategies based on their investment portfolio.

Financial advisory activities

Remaining outside the laws and counting on the tax obligations of the state, advice is provided for the correct management of money in terms of payments, real estate funds, mortgages, the stock market, etc. The risks, needs and plans for the client are exposed, adapting them to economic events.

As for financial advice , the functions of advisors as professionals consist of making an analysis of the financial condition of their client, reviewing past accounts, current assets, the professional situation of the client and the investments that may be available. This finance professional must keep up to date with business processes, have work experience, know how to listen and talk with clients, to determine problems and plan solutions.

Why choose a financial advisor?

Generally, the person who opts for financial advice , in addition to not having the knowledge in the area of ​​finance, may not have the time to dedicate a detailed follow-up to their own accounts; for this, he only needs to have the corresponding fees for the financial advisor and the total willingness to collaborate with all the recommendations.

The ideal around financial advice is that the money is maintained or grows without any risk. For this reason, it seeks to promote customer skills, to create strategic plans to avoid unnecessary expenses and to know how to invest money. 

Why is it important to have a financial advisor?

It is important to know that when we have a business, in addition to planning, it is important to have a financial advisor who can support us in having a broader vision of the correct use, diversification and increase of our money.

Well, many times when we undertake we have a culture where we earn, pay, spend and what we have left, we save or “reinvest”, when in reality the first thing we must do is have a strategy based on increasing capital, a financial reserve and mathematics that allows us to face risks, unforeseen events and put money to work assertively in other instruments, in addition to our business.

The reality is that there is no way to have a specialist in each professional field to guide us in ours, since in addition to giving us an expert vision, it will help us to delegate and learn more about everything that will contribute to our goals in the medium and long term. .

So what is a financial advisor? A financial advisor is defined by having a more global vision of the economy, he is an expert and professional person in charge of helping to manage the economy of a person or company according to income, assets and needs.

In other words, they manage financial operations on behalf of their clients with a clearer objective and follow-up, in addition to recommending financial products that he can manage with greater knowledge.

In this way, it is important to be clear about the functions of this financial advisor within our company, since they will be based specifically on: increasing cash flow through strategies that increase capital, acting as a guide in making decisions regarding investments and finally advise on the profits of the company.

On the other hand, there are external financial advisors, such as banks or independently, who will also be very helpful in increasing and diversifying our capital.

As an example, a bank commercial advisor will help you with products adapted to your risk profile, as well as to look for new opportunities in the management of funds marketed by the bank.

On the other hand, independent financial advisors have the quality of giving you a greater range of options in making investment decisions, also managing their own products and strategies, as well as helping you achieve financial objectives, but they will do so without charging you a salary, but its benefit will be in the management of its own products.

Finally, all people and companies should have a financial advisor who gives us more structure and direction to be able to increase our capital in a more assertive and safe way with the aim of diversifying better and with the least possible risk.

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