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What Is A Lifestyle Pod And Why Is It Becoming Popular?

Rent has become a lot more costly over the past few decades. With fewer options for affordable housing in a lot of important Australian cities, some renters are searching for alternative alternatives to housing. The solution is pod living, a method to low-cost housing that’s been receiving a lot of attention across the country, at least for those who aren’t afraid to share their room with a few dozen others. So what is a lifestyle pod, we have researched about this and asked many industry pod experts like Granny Flat Solutions, here is the explanation. 

What is Pod Living?

Pod shares are co-living areas that let people share beds usually the bunk bed in a room shared by others and have access to other common spaces, such as a bathroom and kitchen. Consider pod living as an unofficial hostel that is located in cities with high prices for renters to get lower rents, but also the chance to live in the unique community environment.

If you’re willing to give up some privacy and privacy, pod living is an affordable and unique option to rent in expensive cities without a huge price. But that’s far from the sole thing people who rent pods are looking for.

Pod Living Benefits

The affordable rents are a huge incentive for pod share space, which is not surprising. Apart from that there are other advantages which can increase the interest in living in pods. In the first place, pods aren’t subject to move-in-fees as well as the deposit of security and utilities are also included. The costs of all these could be prohibitive in the case of apartments in urban regions (utility costs alone can cost renters up to $1,800 annually) This is even before furnishing the room. There’s no need to prove income, which is another obstacle that could put you off getting a rental.

There’s also the benefit of living together include access to high speed internet access and cable, complimentary use of the computers at the common workspace as well as free fitness classes and activities on site.

Although it’s not quite mainstream yet, living in pods offers a unique opportunity to people whose lifestyles align with their goals. If it means having to reside in a place which would otherwise be prohibitive, then some of the compromises appear a little more appealing to ignore.

Who’s renting in shares in Pods?

The primary demographic for living in pods tends to be single adults between the ages of 20 and 30. Most of them have jobs, but they are still in the beginning stages of their careers, or in a field in which it is difficult to earn an adequate living. In entertainment area, for instance there are many renters who are in pursuit of jobs in the field of arts and entertainment, like filmmaking and acting.

If this all seems familiar, it’s because co-living isn’t new. Co-ops and communes are popular among certain segments of the older generation for years and have the same reasons like accessibility and the sense of community. However, today’s pod-living newcomers tend to be young people, who want to work and live in large cities, but do not always have the resources to make it happen. 

Do you think a rental of a pod is the Right Choice for You?

The answer is a bit debatable! There are certainly both major advantages and negatives to living in a pod and it’s not for everyone. If you’re interested in the idea of a low-cost cost of living in an expensive city (plus lots of benefits that are free) and don’t mind having to compromise your privacy for it, then living in a pod might be the best option for you.

The majority of pod shares let their beds out at night and also rent them out by the month. If you’re thinking of living in a pod, but aren’t quite sure whether you’re ready to go for it try test runs and see what you think about it. It will allow you to try both the experience as well as the community, and be able to speak to those who are fully committed and ask whether they’d recommend it.

A rental apartment, whether it’s a 2-bedroom for you or a bunk bed in a bedroom shared by a couple is not something you should take lightly. Make sure you take your time and conduct some study to figure out whether pod living is the right option for you. If it is you decide to go with it, be assured that there are plenty of good alternatives available, and many more to be added in the near future.