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What Is A Course Authoring Tool?

If you are looking to step into the e-learning market and want to create your online course, then you might have heard about “authoring tools”; and if you haven’t, no problem, we are here for you. 

In today’s time of online education, teachers must be present online and widen the reach of their knowledge; creating and selling course is the best way to do so. However, creating an online course is not a walk in the park, there are several points to be kept in mind to create an online course perfectly. And the most important point is the creation, the creation stage of any online course is crucial because this decides the final output of any course. If teachers start creating every element of the course individually it will become troublesome for them, thus, to make the course creation manageable Authoring Tools are needed.

Authoring Tool is a software program which allows course creators to create online courses in various selected formats. The best thing about authoring tools is that you don’t have to code to create a course, it has a drag-and-drop feature for that. Authoring tools can be inbuilt into a Learning Management System (LMS) or have can be used separately too. However, inbuilt authoring tools are better and more recommended as then you don’t have to face integration problems while uploading it on LMS. 

The sole purpose of authoring tools is to ease out the process of course creation, but it has many other benefits to offer, which we are going to mention below.

Ease Of Course Creation: We mentioned that authoring tools help in online course creation, by making the whole creation process simpler, How So? Using an authoring tool even a person without coding knowledge can create a course, and in its absence teachers would need to hire a coding expert or professional developer, costing them extra bucks. Now with the help of the authoring tool they can customise and create their course however they want, this gives them the freedom to present their knowledge in their way, in front of students. 

Create In Any Format: Traditionally the only way to present any information in front of students was through texts, but using the authoring tools teachers can create courses in any format. Authoring tools give the option of creating video content, audio-visual, audio-only and textual content too. It means more options for the learners to learn from the type of content they learn better from.

Engaging And Interactive Content: As mentioned in the above point that using an authoring tool, you can create content in any format. It means you can create interactive lecture videos, informative infographics or engaging educational audios. This way your course will keep the students hooked on learning more and they will also engage with your course content more. This is helpful not just for students, but for you too, with more engaging content more students will enrol in your course. 

Collaborate Easily: Want to create a course in collaboration with your colleague teacher or any teacher from other reputed institutions, no worries authoring tools make this possible too. With the features like cloud storage and live authoring, you can create courses in collaboration. You and your collaborative partner can save and share the progress made with each, this way the creative work can be done in lesser time.

Easy Updating And Editing: In this fast-changing world, everyday discoveries, skills and information are being added to every topic and subject, and learners need to get updated knowledge. The authoring tool not only solves the problem of how to create an online course but also allows editing and updating already published courses. Thus, teachers can impart updated and current knowledge and skills to their online course learners. 

Progress Report And Data Analysis: With the inbuilt authoring tools teachers can also track the progress report of students and along with that they can get data on how they are interacting with their course content. This information helps the teachers to know how well their course is performing and they can improve if is there any need for any improvement in any of the course units. 



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