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What Information Sources you can Use for Getting News from all Over the World?

There are both large, national news organisations and smaller, regional ones all over the world. In particular, the website focuses on the areas of business, education, travel and the environment. An online English version of well-known Vietnamese Dan Tri news, which hence focuses on the business, education, as well as environment and the travel! Let’s highlight a few newspapers below for your assistance!

The Hanoi Post

Hanoi News is a Vietnamese news website that provides up-to-date political information. Hanoi and Vietnam News provide the most up-to-date information, news, and economic data.

Cong san can be tapped

Topics covered include economics, politics, culture, society, and foreign affairs. Tap Chi Cong San Do you know what’s going on in the world of Tap chi Cong San Every month, a Vietnamese magazine is published in Hanoi.

This truoi news information is for foreigners who have never heard of it. To begin with, because this is a Vietnamese news source, don’t hold your breath waiting for an objective account of events. First and foremost, it’s issued by a government body.

News from VGP

Economic, business, and sports coverage is provided by VGP News for the national and ASEAN regions. VGP News is a popular source for news and analysis, but what exactly can you do with it? VGP News has a number of compelling reasons for you to check it out.

Additionally, you may bookmark searches, rate stories, and keep track of your favorite topics. Personalized news feeds with items tailored to your reading habits are also available. Your mailbox will have a steady supply of useful and fascinating content every day as a result.

VGP-related news, such as future events and company announcements, can be found on this page. As of today, the ISIN BE0003878957) of VGP is listed on Euronext Brussels. Its subsidiaries as well as 100% joint ventures are hence all the more featured in the middle of company’s news along with the information materials. This statement does not obligate the company to update any of the information included herein.

In Vietnamese, Nhan Dan

When it comes to learning about their homeland, the Vietnamese turn to the Nhan Dan website first. The newspaper’s goal is to serve as a resource for both Vietnamese expatriates and visitors to Vietnam.

Those who want to learn more about the country’s history and culture can participate in discussions during the event. The Nhan Dan website has had a positive impact on the lives of Vietnamese citizens, according to this report.

The Nhan Dan newspaper is not only a source of news, but it also serves as a platform for the Communist Party of Vietnam to express itself. Since the era of 1950’s, it is serving as official newspaper in Communist party along with government.

When Nhan Dan was founded in 1954, readers across the country began to rely on its reporting of major national events. The journal also played a major role in the country’s two wars against the United States and France.


All kinds of truoi news themes are covered on the Nhan Dan website: entertainment and culture, business, and legal education are only some examples. News about labour, the economy, and society may all be found here.

Besides news and analysis, there are images, videos, and maps to be found on the website. An important resource for Vietnamese citizens looking for accurate information about their daily life, it also gives links to the websites of Vietnamese media.

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