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What I Learned Making My First Record

I just finished my first record, and I’m really excited to finally be able to share it with everyone who has supported me along the way! However, it was really stressful to make, and I wish someone had told me about some of the obstacles I would encounter during this process beforehand. That’s why I wanted to share Mykaty Cloud story with you and offer any tips or advice I can give you about making your own record, as another client.

The Start
When you’re ready to record your song, don’t think too much about what it will sound like. Keep it loose and relaxed and work through each part as many times as necessary until it feels right. If you get a bad take of any particular instrument or vocal, move on and go back to working out that part at a later time, rather than wasting time re-recording it again (or worse yet — scrapping it entirely). As long as you capture all of your ideas in one pass, chances are everything will flow together during mixing. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sounds either — make sure there is plenty of variation among instruments.

The Middle
During my recording sessions, there was a constant learning curve. As a songwriter and performer, it was one thing to write songs and demo them on my own. This is where all of your songs will have duets whether you are performing with someone or not. It’s important that you know what to expect going into recording studios. Make sure you choose an engineer that is good at mixing, who knows how to record instruments from a musician’s perspective; not just in terms of plugging mics into preamps. The engineer has to be on your side when it comes to dialing in sounds for each instrument; if you want piano to sound like piano and not some fake string synth then make sure they understand that before you go into record mode!

The End
Music marketing is completely changing, and many artists are struggling to keep up. This is my story of making my first record, as another artist. We have similar struggles; you’ll come across familiar issues along your journey. This includes, but not limited to promotion, distribution, performance and all other essentials required while making a record. We will go over obstacles we had in these areas and how to work around them. I’m excited for you to begin your journey on a great note, do not be discouraged by slow progress early on; it gets easier! If you have any questions regarding anything regarding music please feel free to email me at contact@joshuaopdixoncom (removed per Joshua’s request). Thank you!

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