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What does AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate do? 

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certifies that a candidate possesses the expertise to design distributed applications, systems and IT infrastructure on the AWS platform. The certification taker has completed a rigorous training and exam course using their own learning materials.

In order to be eligible for an award of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate certificate, you must show that you know:

– The tools required for designing applications on top of the AWS cloud computing platform.

– How to use CloudFormation, the AWS CloudFormation service, to create and manage infrastructure.

– How to use the AWS SDKs (Software Development Kits) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs to build and deploy applications using these APIs.

– How to use Amazon S3 for data storage, analytics, and near line mass I/O.

– How to set up multi-factor authentication with AWS access keys.

– How to use Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to launch and run virtual machines, connect them to networks with VPCs, and launch containers.

– How the AWS Lambda and Far gate services are used to build serverless applications processes.

– How to use the functions provided by AWS CodeDeploy service to provision, update, scale and manage application environments.

 What happens if you fail AWS exam? 

If you fail the AWS exam and don’t want to deal with a long certification process, you might be able to use the AWS Certifications Waiver

The purpose of this blog post is to share information about how, if you are unable to pass the exam for any reason, you can submit a waiver application and potentially skip all that hassle.

You will learn more about what will happen if you submit a waiver application in this blog post.

You can wait for 15 days and reattempt the certification.

If you want to avoid the headache of sorting out a certification waiver, you should consider the AWS Certification Boot Camp which was created specifically to help anyone quickly prepare and pass their exam on the first attempt. It includes over 70 hours of high-quality video content that will teach you everything you need to pass your exam. This course is highly recommended if your goal is to become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect.

 What is the purpose of this blog post? 

Well, let’s start by sharing why we are writing this blog post. We wanted to help out people who do not have many resources and who would like to get their certification without much effort. I know that when I was studying for the certification, I had a lot of problems finding relevant content which was needed for my preparation.

 How long does IT take to study for AWS Solutions Architect? 

When deciding if you should study for the AWS Solutions Architect certification, there are numerous factors to consider. However, in general terms, it is estimated that you can expect to be preparing for the exam for 2-3 months. That doesn’t leave much time left to go out and make a living while studying!

The truth is that preparation for the AWS Solutions Architect certification should be a part-time endeavor – focused primarily on study.

Some may argue that it should be a full time endeavor. But true professionals know that full time work is often not available, and studies can be flexible, allowing you to work around commitments such as work and family life.

As an IT professional looking to become an AWS Solutions Architect, there are many different routes that you can take to preparing for the AWS Certification.

Work Your Way Through the Books

I’ve seen many people study for the AWS certification in this way. They start by reading through some of the AWS documentation and become familiar with its features. They then start to get hands on with AWS by creating a virtual machine, uploading a sample application, creating an Amazon EC2 instance and testing it out in their browser.

This may sound like a good idea! But, it is not my favorite approach to studying for IT certification exams.

The best way to prepare for AWS Solutions Architect Solutions is to take some online courses as Cloud Chalktalk. Providing affordable & in depth Sessions, both online & In person.

Preparations through virtual Online Interactive sessions or In Classroom Sessions would allow you to have your queries clarified on the go with hands on-learning with other pupil and Instructor. Guiding this way for your AWS Solutions Architect exam is the best way to pass out the certification 200%.

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