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What Can Be the Source That Stained Your Concrete Floor?

The stress of daily life frequently keeps us preoccupied enough that we neglect the little things until they get bigger. We are more focused on carrying out daily tasks. While doing so, we pay little attention and treat both the space where we store our automobiles and our cars as highly utilitarian objects.

We start to worry, though, when someone points out a sizable concrete oil stain in the center of the floor.

Fresh concrete oil stains are quite simple to remove.However, a lot will rely on the floor’s actual finish. If the builder paid attention to the space, the finish would be reasonably durable and smooth. Concrete oil stains, however, can be set and be challenging to remove if the quality is mediocre.

If you are sick of staring at those unsightly black oil stains on your driveway, equipment yard, or parking lot, TERMINATOR-HSD driveway oil stain remover will get rid of them.

There is another source of stain on the concrete floor like the defecating of your pets, which may often go unnoticed by you. As a matter of fact, you should not let the urine of your pet cat or dog remain on the surface of the concrete floor.

However, your negligence for a long time may end up with a deeper stain on your concrete floor.

How to remove stains?

The following are a few ways you can get rid of these stains from your floor surface.

  1. Powdered laundry detergent

Now apply a little layer of laundry detergent powder to the spot. The detergent should next be dampened until it resembles a paste. After that, cover it with newspaper and let it sit overnight, exactly like with the kitty litter.

Use baking soda and oxyclean in combination to replace the powdered laundry detergent. If you have them available, they work incredibly well at dissolving and removing the embedded oil in the porous concrete.

If you choose this option, you do not need to leave the concrete overnight because it is faster acting, but you may want to give it a thorough scrub to make up for the time that gravity would take to allow the powder to fully penetrate the concrete.

Consequently, you may move on to the next stage without having to wait to set overnight.

  1. Scrub it

Final step: clean up the detergent paste, leaving only a thin coating behind. Get a strong, heavy wire brush and add some water. Scrub the detergent into the concrete now with some force.

Apply water as necessary to keep the detergent’s paste consistency as you scrub in small circles. To give the unaffected concrete and the stained region a similar hue, make sure to scrape just a little bit outside of the stained area.

There might still be staining. If the region is light, you can leave it alone, and exposure to the sun should cause the color to fade over time. Return to the detergent step and clean once more if the stain is still noticeable.



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