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What are the frameworks Used in the front-end & Back-end Development?

When it comes to development, the developers always rely on the different frameworks to come up with a particular solution. Varying frameworks serve as the foundation to build the different types of software as per the needs of the business. In software development, different types of frameworks are associated with a particular programming language that carries out a plethora of different tasks. However, when the profitability of the software application depends on the user experience, developers need to emphasize both front-end development and back-end development to enhance the application’s functionality and performance.

Empowering the software development with the right framework

When the foundation is needed to build the structure of the house, in the same manner, a software developer needs frameworks to focus on building the web application or software. Frameworks take the hassle out of developing the software from scratch and boost the efficiency of the development task. Moreover, the simple coding structure, built-in classes, and functions make the entire development process easier. However, the frameworks eliminate the need to build everything from scratch making the development process convenient. Following are the top frameworks that developers use for software development.

1.   React

React.js or ReactJS is an open-source, front-end JavaScript library for building user interface components. Also, React library helps in building the aesthetic user interface for cross-platform mobile applications including for both Android and iOS operating systems. Moreover, it also allows creating the reusable UI components.


  • React offers a very smooth code writing process.
  • One-way data-binding keeps everything fast and modular.
  • Offers seamless and faster performance with virtual DOM.
  • The free syntax extension JSX simplifies the overall process of scripting components.
  • Also, allows faster and easier debugging.
  • React is easier to learn and SEO-friendly.

2.   Django

Django is an open-source and free Python framework for backend development. This framework follows model-template-view architectural patterns. Different top-notch companies like Google, Instagram, Youtube, and many others have used this framework for their software development. Also, Django offers tools and techniques to developers to build a scalable and secure website. Nevertheless, different features of Django have made it the prominent choice for backend development which includes:


  • Django uses python which makes it quite very easy to learn.
  • It is highly scalable and customizable.
  • Highly versatile and offers a strong foundation for software development.
  • Also, offers high security and rapid development speed.
  • Possess amazing functionality such as free API, multi-language and multi-site support, MVC layout, easy database migration, and many more.
  • Django is SEO optimized and easily recognized by search engines.

3.   VueJS

VueJS is an open-source and model-view-ViewModel front-end framework that the developers use for front-end development. This javascript framework is used for developing user interfaces and single-page applications. However, be it mobile or web applications or progressive web applications, this platform helps with handling multiple tasks easily.


  • It is very easy to learn and user-friendly.
  • Allows the use of virtual DOM.
  • Also, offers different HTML-based templates.
  • Has a simple syntax and allows integration with different frameworks.
  • Offers an efficient routing feature called Vue router that allows easier navigation between pages.
  • Also, possess built-in CSS transitions and animations.

4.   Laravel

Laravel is an open-source framework that uses PHP for web development. This backend framework is responsible for developing web applications that follow the model-view-controller architectural design pattern. Moreover, Laravel is among the most popular frameworks with a high set of functionalities. Different Laravel features include:


  • Laravel allows simpler authentication with an in-built authentication system.
  • Offers templates for creating dynamic websites.
  • Supports MVC architecture for a faster and more efficient development process.
  • Possess built-in command tool Artisan that is responsible for repetitive programming tasks without performing them manually.
  • Contains several modules that use PHP principles to build responsive applications.
  • Also, offers unique unit testing for running several test cases.

5.   Angular

Angular is a top framework for front-end development. This framework is perfect for developing both mobile and web applications and multi-page and progressive web applications. Angular has a two-way binding feature that allows real-time synchronization between the model and the view. This framework is developed by Google and was launched in 2016. Moreover, giant companies like BMW, Forbes, Xbox, Microsoft, and many others have employed Angular for developing applications.


  • Possess two-way data binding that allows change in the model or the view instantly.
  • Offers high reliability and efficient performance.
  • With simple and powerful template syntax, it rapidly creates a UI view.
  • A cross-platform framework that allows the development of native apps, desktop apps, and progressive web applications.
  • Angular CLI allows rapid application development and deployment.


Among the scores of choices for the frameworks for frontend development and backend development, always make sure to make the choice for the one whose impressive features help in the seamless development of the software or applications. Moreover, Prior to making the choice for the final framework for the development process, make sure to understand the difference among the varying programming languages frameworks. However, all the different frameworks are responsible for carrying out particular tasks.

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