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What Are the Factors Determining The SAP Software Price?

The price of the SAP Business One implementation is determined by many factors. The price will change according to how many users are there, how many branches are there for it to be implemented, the data quality and quantity, integration level, customization that is needed, and the training cost if required.

It is important to choose a reputed SAP Business One partner for ensuring that the organisation gets a proper solution that can reduce its implementation costs. Let us look at some of the factors which will determine the SAP software price in detail –

• Branches – Whether the SAP Business One implementation is going to take place in one branch or more? Is there a need for interbranch or data consolidation?

• Location – Will the SAP Business One implementation cover multiple cities or different countries? In that case, there will be different requirements for the set-up and configuration according to the different countries.

• Conversion of data – Whether the validation and extraction of the data sets will be done internally or any external consultant is needed to assist in the process.

• Reports – The number, as well as the complexity of reports to be written as per the specific requirement of the organisation, will also influence the SAP software price.

• Training required- Whether people have to be trained in SAP Business and training will be on-site or off-site.

• The SAP software price will also depend on any customisation or development required.

• The users’ skills of users will also determine the time it will take for the SAP Business One implementation in your business.

What is the SAP Software Price in India?

The type of licenses, frequency of payment, as well as software editions will have different prices. SAP software price also depends on whether it is a permanent license or a subscription.

• SAP Business One Permanent License

Businesses can buy SAP Business One with the payment of a one-time cost and a yearly AMC.

There are many types of user licenses that SAP Business One will offer – a professional version with all the features or a starter pack that has Limited features.

• With a Professional License, businesses are able to get unlimited access to all the features of SAP Business One.
• A Starter Pack has been developed for small businesses or startups that are looking to upgrade their business processes. It is cost-effective and will include the modules which are popular.

Cloud Hosted Subscription Model

In the SAP Business One Cloud Hosted subscription model, organisations will pay a monthly amount for using SAP Business One. They don’t need to pay AMC every year in this model.

Apart from the one-time SAP software license cost or the monthly subscription cost, companies can also incur costs towards the services that are provided by SAP Business One Partners.

Why SMEs should opt for SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is a reliable as well as an affordable software application that will help the businesses in the management of all their essential processes; it is especially useful for the small and midsize businesses. It can be used for all kinds of business processes Some of the popular features of SAP Business one are given below –

• The SAP Business One service also provides functionality for the cash flows. This will allow the users to get access to the extensive information about the company’s cashflows -incoming as well as outgoing.
• SAP Business One service allows you to plan according to the demand for efficiently delivering the products and services.
• It helps in successfully meeting the customer demands and developing new revenue streams by lowering the supply chain costs and the cycle times as well as wastage and rework.
• Providing efficient services consistently.
• Giving the consumers what they want with optimization of services.
• Responding to the demands of the customers as well as the supplier with the help of an integrated processes.
• Enhancing all the business processes from inventory planning to supply-chain.

We often see that several organisations don’t want to implement SAP because they feel that SAP software price is expensive. This can be due to the given reasons-

• The SAP software implementation process can be quite tricky and complicated.

• The SAP software price is costly because of customer have many requests.

SAP Price List

SAP Business One also helps the food processing companies in the creation as well as the management of the correct price list. Let us see how to manage price lists with SAP Business One.

Price List management using SAP Business One

SAP Business One helps food companies in the creation of several price lists for the food items, that are available at customised prices to different customers (it can be the distributor, the retailer, or the consumer).

SAP price lists will be generally based on the following categories –

• Sales cycle – The SAP price list will calculate the sales order value for selling an item to the different categories of customers. With the help of SAP Business One, food companies are able to assign many products to different price lists.

• Purchase cycle – SAP price lists will also take care of the purchase orders when the company is procuring products from the vendors. Food companies are able to use SAP Business One to assign several purchase products to the multiple price lists.


SAP Business One will help businesses to manage all their critical business functions with the help of a single integrated system. Praxis Info Solutions has years of experience through which they will ensure that the SAP Business One service implementation is successful with a reasonable SAP Software price.

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