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What Are the Contributing Factors to Being Overweight?

Body positivity and discouraging body have become quite common in the recent past. Accepting your body for how it is and not tolerating those who have an opinion about it is something this generation is taking seriously. However, not everyone seems to feel the same way. This does not help the self-confidence and body image of those who are overweight.

But what many people fail to understand is being overweight is not only due to a certain diet. Being plus-sized can be due to many reasons and if people knew they would probably think twice before having something to say about it. So, in order to shed light on the subject here are other contributing factors to being overweight that are just not due to diet.


Believe it or not, people are affected by the genes of their families in more ways than they realize. If your family has generations of family members that have been overweight this is a huge indicator that you could too have some of those genes being passed down.

The degree of it could change from person to person and it could even skip a generation. However, this is one of the most common causes of being overweight. If it is something you would like to change and are looking for weight loss surgery Australia offers these procedures in many medical centers. The surgeries are not easily carried out and will need many consultations.


Side effects of medication can cause effects long after you have stopped taking them or even a few months into the medication session. A common effect of birth control pills is that ladies may tend to gain extra weight as their hormonal levels change. While this can be controlled and you are even able to stop taking them for long-term medication it can be more difficult.

In order to counter the weight gain, there could be other forms of medication available to you but only at the discretion of your doctor. Be sure to keep your doctor informed about noticeable side effects of any type of medication you are taking.

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Mental health

The trending topic these days seem to be the importance of Mental health whether it is work or personal related. Mental health can be due to depression which sometimes causes people to overeat or indulge in fattening food over a short period of time. This too can be managed with the help of a doctor and can be overcome with the right support.


Just like medication, there is a range of diseases that result in quick weight gain which sometimes cannot be controlled. The important thing to understand is that obesity and being overweight can happen for many reasons other than a bad diet and less exercise. It is important to show awareness of the topic so people are able to comprehend it instead of shaming those who do not fit into the norm for reasons out of their control.

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