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What Are the Benefits of Using Customer Champions? 

A key benefit of using champions is that they can help spread the word about your brand and products. Your champions can share a range of resources, from videos of the product’s benefits to testimonial content and customer testimonials.  

In order to make the most of this powerful resource, you should train your champions like a sales or BPO services team. They should be knowledgeable about the functions and features of your product, as well as it’s design and unique value proposition. 

Benefits of Using Customer Champions 

Having a customer champion on your team has many benefits. Not only does it increase morale, but it can also improve your business by sharing the content of your site on social networks. In addition to improving your company’s reputation, your customer champion can gain valuable feedback from your customers and improve your products and services. 

Customer champions are great resources for any business. However, they are not the same for every business. In order to get the most value out of their work, you need to consider the level of your customer champion. 

Help You Increase Brand Trust

By connecting customer champions to trusted third-party stakeholders, your company can increase credibility and brand trust, drive media coverage, and close sales faster. Customer champions are great ambassadors for your products, as they can describe their experience and results with your product. You can choose the type of customer reference program to implement depending on the interests of your customer advocates.  

First, choose an internal champion with the authority and power to make changes. Ideally, this champion is an executive or director. Make sure this person has the authority to change the culture and influence others in the company. They also have the power to remove barriers. For example, an executive with the authority to veto a change will be more likely to accept a change from a customer champion. 

Valuable Business Assets

Customer champions are your most valuable customers. They spend more, order more often, and are responsive to your marketing communication. While you should reward and recognize your best customers, they may need a push. Therefore, act quickly to engage former champions before their loyalty lapses. In addition to spending more, they are also more likely to buy again than other customers. To find these customers, you should consider understanding their lifecycle, habits, and demographics. 

Your Strongest Business Ally 

Championing the needs and wants of your customers is an excellent way to win new business. Champions understand how to get on decision makers’ calendars and how to make a compelling case for your product or service. They will also tell you about concerns and how they might benefit your customers. They will often be your last line of defense when your account team has difficulty selling a new product. 

Offer Better and Quick Solutions to Business Problems

The key to successful problem-solving with customer champions is to be prompt and empathetic with users. Once a user knows that their problem is being addressed, they can resume their daily activities without worry. One of the worst problem-solving tactics is to remain silent, as this will only ruin your brand’s reputation. If users complain that the company’s online troubleshooting tools are too complex, they will immediately turn to social media to vent their frustration. 

An effective customer champion should not be a complainer but someone who can listen to customers and understand their frustrations. This person should have excellent communication skills and be able to work well with colleagues.  

A customer champion should be a member of your team who will work tirelessly to improve the experience of customers. By doing this, you will increase your company’s overall customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention. Problem-solving with customer champions involves more than just brainstorming, though. 

Effective Business Collaborators

Achieving effective collaboration with customer champions is essential for delivering excellent customer experiences. This type of collaboration can be done at many levels, from internal teamwork to collaboration with peers and downstream players.  

Collaboration with customer champions can lead to a more comprehensive understanding of customer feedback and the best ways to respond. This kind of collaboration is vital to achieving customer-centricity, which starts with a deep understanding of common feedback. Once that understanding is achieved, thoughtfully implemented changes can be made to improve the customer experience. 

When it comes to the ratio of champions in an organization, the optimal number of champions varies by size and impact of change. Ideally, the ratio should be at least three to five per department. It is important to consider the company’s culture as well. Companies that encourage a self-serve mentality and provide round-the-clock support may require more champions.