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What are the benefits of 24-hour assistance in insurance coverage?

When hiring auto insurance, you purchase a service that will be important for numerous reasons. After all, it provides protection to your vehicle in several ways, because among the many benefits offered by insurance, there is 24-hour assistance.

First, insurance aims to provide the insured with peace of mind. We know that in a country where a car is stolen every minute, the chances of a vehicle being taken by criminals are not small. Therefore, those who hire auto insurance, receive compensation from the insurer in cases of theft or theft,  if they experience this misfortune.

In addition, Brazil has several metropolises whose traffic is very heavy. That is a greater chance of being involved in collisions and having the car damaged. In such cases, the insurance and schedule 1 tax also guarantees the customer financial support in cases of total or partial loss. In this way, large losses resulting from accidents that may occur on a day-to-day basis are avoided.

What is 24-hour assistance? 

24-hour assistance is a type of service that all insurance companies offer. It serves to assist the insured in times of difficulty involving the vehicle. That way, the customer can activate it when they have problems with the car at inopportune moments.

This coverage can come as a bonus when purchasing insurance or be an additional coverage. At the time of closing, inform yourself of what is described in the policy.

Many services can be included in it and if you stop to think about it, it is very worthwhile to have all of them available.

The 24-hour assistance can offer, for example, towing and towing, reserving a car, locksmith, and assistance in unexpected situations. Like flat tires, electrical failures, or dry failure, at any time of the day.

In the event of an unforeseen event at dawn, if the customer does not have this assistance, in addition to having to bear the costs of the winch on his own, which can be quite high, and worrying about finding all this help himself, he runs the risk of stay longer sometimes in places that are not safe.

Therefore, it makes all the difference for the greater tranquility of the insured.

In what situations can it be activated? 

As an example of inopportune moments, we can mention a dry fault in the middle of a trip that makes your car stop in the middle of the road. If your car runs out of fuel during the journey, it is possible to call the 24-hour assistance that can provide a tow truck to take your car to the nearest gas station.

The same goes for emergency situations such as an electrical failure or even an accident (a crash, for example). Just a phone call to the insurance company to receive the 24-hour tow truck, which will provide all the support.

Assistance also guarantees full support in the event of one or more punctures. If the insured has difficulties in the exchange, just contact the insurance company, which will send a professional to perform the service.

Another item present in the service list is the keyring. The professional can be called in case of loss of keys or if due to some distraction, the driver forgets the key inside the locked vehicle.

Are the services offered the same for everyone?

Not necessarily. Each insurance contract has a list of services that are offered in the form of assistance. It is very important that you when purchasing the insurance and during its term, pay attention to the general conditions.

It is through this document that you will see which of these assistances mentioned (and others) are available, as well as their usage rules (limits, validity, etc).

3 benefits of hiring 24-hour assistance 

Finally, it is important to note that those who hire 24-hour assistance have very important benefits, such as the following:


We never know when an emergency situation will happen. Therefore, having 24-hour assistance is support to feel more supported at any time.

In an emergency, one of the worst feelings is precisely not having help or not knowing who to turn to.

With 24-hour assistance, this discomfort does not exist and the insured feels much safer using the vehicle whenever he needs it.


Another positive point is the agility to solve problems. With 24-hour assistance, help arrives quickly at the point where the customer needs it. As the insurance company already has a whole team on call to provide support, it doesn’t take long to arrive.

This is great for reducing stress and situations where the client has some commitment and feels very hurt by what happened.

Not to mention that it is an extra comfort in a naturally stressful situation.


Finally, nothing compares to the convenience of having 24-hour assistance to solve problems, since all you have to do is call the insurance company.

You don’t have to go looking for phone numbers and addresses on your own, maintenance or anything like that, all at the last minute. You don’t even have to have possible contacts written down in advance to call in an emergency or worry about waking someone up in the middle of the night to go help, making that person take a risk too.

The insurance company already has the entire team ready to serve you, with confidence and certainty that that service is safe.

This is very important because when the insured has to do everything on his own, he can also be afraid to call a company that is not reliable. With 24-hour assistance, this fear does not exist and it is much easier to feel calm.

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