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What Are Study Games?

Eco-aire is set to be the most dynamic and entertaining environmental-friendly and family-friendly game that’s open to players all over the world.

With the help of its eco-friendly theme and user-friendly interface, the game aims to bring positive changes to the world. With the use of meaningful gameplay, eco-friendly games can be seen as a platform to educate people about economic and environmental issues faced by the world to date. 

Eco-aire aims to throw light upon world issues such as plastic pollution, poverty, and deforestation. The game offers a user-friendly platform to the players while allowing them to learn about environmental issues.

Virtue Gaming offers an opportunity for the players to contribute to the world positively through Study Games, by donating a percentage gathered by the in-app purchases to various charities across the globe.

This amount will be used for eradicating real-world issues like cleaning up water bodies such as rivers and oceans. More importantly, the game’s focus is to promote greenery by reducing deforestation and increasing afforestation. The amount will be used to assist poor and hungry children and preserve the endangered species of plants and animals. 

Eco-aire offers a refreshing and wholesome gaming platform where task players will be required to build an “eco-empire” to promote a better-quality living for all. Next, players should be able to complete meaningful projects in real-time and construct green offices throughout the globe.

Players will research new technologies to help people within the local communities before constructing more green offices all over the world. Eco-Aire’s core gameplay is to build offices, and eventually, through this construction, you can gather an adequate amount of resources to invest in projects and new green technologies.

After completing office construction tasks, players can hire and impart training to more teams to visit different nooks and corners of the world. 

With the help of ample research and development, players can construct vital technologies that will help preserve the world. 

Players have to design drones to clean up oceans and rivers, build machines to recycle piles of waste, and develop types of equipment to save endangered animal species or create eco-materials to construct homes for people in need. 

The different types of classes on Eco-Aire’s platform?

  • If you love nature and her creations, you can contribute the gathered amount to save animals with the Animal Lover class.
  • Ocean Protectors can donate the amount to clean up oceans and protect the aquatic species residing within them. 
  • Eco-Warriors promote greenery and a healthy Earth. The class of Eco-Warrior aims to protect the environment through afforestation. The aim is to eliminate deforestation on a large scale. 
  • Aims to protect children in need and ensure a healthy, better world for the future generations
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