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What Are Some Ways To Improve The Appearance Of Loose Moissanite Diamonds?

Finding loose moissanite diamonds isn’t always easy, but once you do, you have to decide how to make them look their best. The first thing you should know about loose moissanite diamonds is that they are all different; no two are the same in terms of their structure and appearance. However, there are some ways to give your loose moissanite diamonds the perfect sheen and sparkle. Try these seven tips to improve the appearance of your loose moissanite diamonds today!

Know Your Cut Grade

To make loose moissanite diamonds sparkle as much as possible, start by making sure you’re buying from a reputable source. Then do your homework on diamond cut grades; moissanite can be graded and priced differently than diamonds so you must understand exactly what you’re getting for your money. But, in general, higher cut grades lead to more fire and brilliance in a stone – even when it comes to moissanites! The maximum cut grade for loose moissanite is an AGI F (it’s lower for mounted stones), but most are simply A or G-graded. Generally speaking, there’s not a huge difference between A-grade and G-grade moissanites. You should also consider setting type: Some settings maximize light return better than others. For example, if you want lots of light bouncing around inside your ring, go with pave settings rather than prongs. And if cost is no object…consider mounting one of your loose moissanite diamonds into jewellery—they’re stunning set side by side with other gemstones or used as accents within larger rings. Just keep in mind that these treatments will affect pricing…but don’t forget to factor in how amazing they’ll look!

Know The 4Cs Of Loose Moissanite Diamonds

Many different characteristics determine how a loose moissanite diam ond will look. The Four C’s of cut, colour, clarity and carat all come into play when shopping for loose moissanite diamonds. It is important to understand these characteristics so you can properly evaluate each piece. This is crucial when buying loose moissanite diamonds online because it is impossible to tell their visual quality without touching them or seeing them in person. If you know what to look for, however, you can tell whether or not you are getting a deal on your loose moissanite diamond jewelry purchase. Make sure your loose moissanite diamond jewelry has an excellent cut; ideally it should be well-polished with great symmetry and no strange facets which might affect visibility. Color is also very important when purchasing loose moissanite diamonds as they range from near colorless to yellowish. A clear stone should have a rating of H or better, meaning there are no visible inclusions under 10x magnification. Finally, make sure your Moissanite engagement rings has good clarity so that light passes through it evenly instead of reflecting off surfaces within the stone. These factors will help ensure you get maximum sparkle out of your loose moissanite diamond jewelry!

Use The Right Settings

One of the best ways to improve loose moissanite diamond sparkle is by changing how they are set. A standard setting, called a prong, is what most people think of when they picture an engagement ring. That said, there are other settings available that can make your diamonds look even more stunning. If you have loose moissanite diamonds that you’re thinking about using in a ring setting but aren’t sure which one will work best for your stones, speak with a jeweler about it before putting them together. The right setting will make all of your hard work worth it and help to ensure that they stay looking great over time. It’s also important to note that loose moissanite diamonds often appear better if they’re set in platinum or white gold. Because those metals do not tarnish as others do, your stones will remain bright and beautiful over time.

Know – How To Clean Them

One of the first steps in making your loose moissanite diamonds sparkle is knowing how to clean them. One great tool you can use is a toothbrush and warm water. Gently brush off any dirt or grime, then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. When taking care of your loose moissanite diamonds, avoid cleaning with bleach or any type of soap that may leave behind residue or dirt that could scratch your jewelry. Dirt and other debris could scratch up your diamond and dull its shine over time. Once you’ve cleaned off your diamonds, dry them using a soft cloth. Then, store them in their original box for future wear.

Use Non-Acidic Jewelry Cleaner: For more difficult stains on your loose moissanite diamonds like oil or makeup, try using non-acidic moissanite diamond jewelry cleaner on your jewelry instead of harsh soaps and chemicals. These cleaners are specially formulated to keep precious metals shiny without causing damage like corrosion or discolouration. Once again, don’t use soap as it can potentially ruin your gemstones by leaving behind traces of leftover suds which will build up over time and eventually cause harm to both metal and stone alike.

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