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What A Personal Injury Lawyer Can And Cannot Do For You?

If you are dealing with a serious accident case, you might need some professional advice. Personal injury comes in many forms and it can be either your fault or caused by another person’s negligence. If it was the latter, you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the person.

Lawsuits for personal injury were possible because of the Tort Law. This law allows victims to sue for personal damages whether it is intentional or accidental. Tort law covers all kinds of accidents that could allow a victim to be compensated.

Types of Personal Injury Compensation

The complaint holders use personal injury law to gain compensation for their damages. Some examples are medical expenses, vehicle damage, pain, and suffering. In compensatory damages, you can get the amount associated with your injury. 

These compensations are available in almost every injury case. Punitive damages are the ones in which the party that causes the damage pays the amount.

Services That A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Offer

While you can file a personal injury without a lawyer, a group of Washington personal injury lawyers insisted that it would be your best bet to get one. Having personal injury lawyers will not only help you in getting compensation in case of an accident, but they will also handle the process for you.

Here are a few other things a personal injury lawyer can do for you that you might not be able to do.

  1. Handle Different Kinds of Cases

It is better to hire a personal injury lawyer. He can handle many different cases of accidents. You can claim a personal injury case whenever someone damages you or your property. They cover slip and fall accidents, animal bites, defamation, and medical negligence. So, you can hire a personal injury lawyer if the accident does not involve your vehicle.

  1. Knows What You Need to Prove in Court

A personal injury victim thinks he has all the necessary information to win the case. A personal injury case involves formalities other than proving that

someone hurt you. Sometimes, providing evidence cannot be enough to win the case in court. There are specific rules of the court regarding the evidence and witness.

A personal injury lawyer knows all the details of the case. He can provide the proper witnesses and evidence in court.

  1. Can Negotiate a Fair Settlement

If you hire an excellent personal injury lawyer, he can save a lot of your time. He will protect you from long wait periods, expenses, and unnecessary trials. He can negotiate a fair settlement out of the court. He knows the factors that you should consider before negotiating a settlement.

He knows how many chances you have to win a trial. He has the proper knowledge of verdicts and settlements in a similar case.

He has complete information about the weakness in the evidence of both parties. An experienced personal injury lawyer will gather and use all the info. He also knows how to deal with other parties and their lawyers.

  1. Can Help You Meet Critical Deadlines.

In a personal injury case, the court has some crucial deadlines. These deadlines help in solving the issue on time and avoiding long trials. There are limitations to serving the other party and filing a court case. 

The court will dismiss your case if you fail to meet these deadlines. If you do not file your lawsuit within the statute of the authority, you will face a discharge in your case. You will need a professional injury lawyer to help you file the issue.

A professional lawyer will help you fulfill all the court requirements before deadlines. Courts have no sympathy for people who cross the deadlines. So, it is better to hire a professional injury lawyer.

Services That A Personal Injury Lawyer Cannot Offer

if your case violates the rules of a personal injury attorney, the lawyer will not be able to help you. In some accidents, people think that they have an individual injury case. They cannot find an attorney that will take their chance. It is because they violate the rules of a personal injury case.

We have enlisted the things that a personal injury lawyer cannot do for you.

  1. Never Takes a Case That Has a Conflict of Interest

Your injury lawyer can never help you in a case that has a conflict of interest between you and your lawyer. The lawyer and the client must have the same point of view about the case accident. Their goals and incentives should be in the same line.

Your case should not conflict with the circumstances that the lawyer has taken. In this case, he will not be able to prove your case in court. The court has strict rules about the claims of former and current clients.

  1. Cannot Loan the Client Money

A personal injury lawyer cannot take any fees from the client in advance. It means you do not have to pay a single penny to the lawyer until the court resolves the case. If you are short of cash, the personal injury lawyers will not take your case.

  1. Can Never Guarantee Your Success

A personal injury lawyer will give his best to help you with the case. Yet, a personal injury lawyer can never assure you about winning the case. 

There are always potential risks in the field of law. They can save you from stress and spending lots of money, but they can never guarantee that you will win the case.

  1. Cannot Divulge Your Private Information

A personal injury lawyer is never allowed to share your confidential information. You should feel safe and open around your lawyer. They can never break your trust, and you can be honest around them. 

Any conversation between the client and the lawyer is confidential. It is illegal for the lawyer to share private information with the other party.


If someone injured you in any way, you could claim personal injury compensation in court. In this case, you can act as your attorney. But you cannot represent yourself in every case. So, getting help from a knowledgeable, professional injury lawyer is better. 

There are certain services that a personal injury lawyer cannot offer. So, consider all the conditions before hiring a personal injury lawyer. Also, you can prefer an experienced injury lawyer that helps to win your injury case.

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