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Wearable Fitness Technology and How to Build Healthy Habits

Wearable Fitness Technology (WFT) is useful in tracking physical activity, such as the number of steps, calories burned, and exercise intensity. All one needs is a wearable device. Although the market for WFT devices continues to grow, theoretical understanding of their deployment is currently lacking. To better understand the consequences of WFT use, it is also important to explore the relationship between WFT use and health-related outcomes. This link covers the perceptions of general training behavior and health. 

How Do WFTs Work?

In the case of step measurement, wearable trackers continuously record body movements with a 3-axis accelerometer. Data is obtainable while worn and switched on, so the tracker can understand whether the person is walking forward, running fast, or even standing still.

Stored data in the tracker is further processed and transferred to the software connected to the smartphone or laptop fitness tracker. Since the person has already shared their personal info with the software, the collected movement data goes through personalized algorithms. This allows the software to recognize what the different recorded movements actually mean.

After that, the software will categorize movements into various activities and further analyze those details. The analysis is usually stored under separate headings in fitness tracker apps.

How WFTs Help Reinforce Healthy Habits

Fitness trackers help you self-monitor your activity. It allows you to set fitness objectives. For instance, you might want to perform basic regular physical activity, burn a certain amount of calories, and drink a particular amount of water.

The apps for WFTs have several benefits. They show you exactly how much you’ve achieved your goals. This can help keep you motivated. They’re easy to use, and it’s very convenient to measure various parameters. 

Let’s say that your aim is to lose 5 pounds in a month. This target is split into different stages by the app using available algorithms. You have a goal of how many calories to burn each day. Breaking things down into bite-sized pieces will make them seem more plausible.

The apps then determine how much exercise you should do each day. Individuals can now see their daily goals with a single tap on their smartphones. By achieving these goals, a person will eventually lose weight. The ability to constantly monitor goal success is a good motivator for individuals looking to lose weight.

Users also have the ability to share their progress with family and friends through social media sites. Constant positive attention and feedback will definitely help individuals stay on course until they reach their fitness goals.

The Process of Habit Formation  

Research by the National Library of Medicine on the formation of healthy habits found that long-term WFT users were physically active for a long time. It also reported that wearable trackers are an effective tool for automatically monitoring physical activity. Most participants said they took their wearable activity tracker very seriously the first time they used it to increase their physical activity.

Some purchased wearable activity trackers for themselves, and others received them as gifts. Despite that, the majority of participants experienced significant events in their lives. They needed to do something to change their lifestyle to avoid further deterioration of health.

Goal setting is one of the most cited technical benefits of wearable activity trackers that help users in the long term. It is important to set a goal before making it a habit. However, the default 10,000-step goal found in most wearables may not work for everyone, especially older people and those with relatively low physical activity.

Goal setting and attainment increased participants’ confidence and self-efficacy, helping them form habits and become long-term users. Participants realized the importance of starting with the right number of steps. By gradually increasing the goals, the participants were able to achieve them.

Necessary Precautions

It is essential to note that wearable fitness technology gathers data to enhance its utility for each user. The collection of data and personal recommendations offers the risk of infiltration from threat actors. Therefore, as you go digital and take steps to improve your health, it is paramount that you protect yourself from malicious parties.

For instance, a campaign by Greek startup Terra to unify health information for their users is a breeding ground for threat attackers. If you need Greece IPs, for example, to protect yourself from data breaches, get them right away.



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