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The Sydney property market is seeing a current boom, and Australian homes are sought-after from buyers far and wide. We have seen derelict and worn down houses in Sydney sell for nearly a million AUD. It does not matter that these houses have broken walls, torn out carpeting, a crumbling structure and are practically uninhabitable.

Owners have adopted a new motto concerning the shocking purchase of such properties: tearing down and rebuilding is better than renovating. This makes sense considering Sydney’s median house price is nearly 1.1 million! Thus, it may be time for everyone to consider revamping houses to keep up with modern times and the booming Australian property market. This can mean including more futuristic and modernistic elements such as sleeker, classier tiling, bigger windows, more simplistic decor, and even installing home automation in Sydney homes!

Re-tiling a house

Tiles play an incredibly influential role in the overall ambience, theme and aesthetics of a property. Sydney has numerous tiling companies that offer a wide array of tiles, so there is no shortage of options to choose from.

From colours to textures and sheen, tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours. They are necessary for their structural value and are also major components of the customizability of living space. Tiles cannot be changed or replaced easily when compared to the colour of the walls, which needs a lot of thought and consideration to choose the right tiles.

  • What tiles to choose for different parts of a house

Usually, the main living areas in a house have the biggest influence on the ambience and aesthetics. So in such main areas, glossy, pristine marble tiles, preferably in neutral colours, would fit best. Bathrooms will have different tiling, and so will outdoor spaces such as driveways and patios.

Home automation

Nothing else screams affluent, modern and futuristic more than a home automation system in a house. They are not just aspects that show off a bit of the owner’s social status, but they are incredibly practical in their function.

Smart homes are capable of controlling lighting, audio-visual aspects, WiFi and data, high tech security systems, and climate control properties. This is not just relevant to global needs but is also highly personalized to each client.

Not yet convinced?

Here are three reasons that prove the worth and relevance of home automation in Sydney:

  • They are incredibly convenient, letting users control and monitor their properties no matter where they are – at work, on a trip abroad, or even half asleep. They also increase home security and safety as the owner is in complete control of the property at all times. In Sydney, where property crimes are more prevalent than other crimes, this is especially relevant.
  • It is surpassingly cost-effective. Smart homes help owners save money, especially with electricity. Forgot to turn off the lights in the bathroom or switch off the heating units while leaving the house? No worries, with the click of a finger, remotely control and monitor a property!
  • Such homes are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Not only do they help supervise the carbon footprint, but they also add immense monetary value to the property.

Re-doing decor

This may be one of the most obvious ways to change up a property, and one of the best ways to do so is to hire an interior designer. They will consider the budget, infrastructural technicalities, existing decor, and specifications of the client to curate something tailored to perfectly reflect the hospitality, tastes and status of the client.

Again, an innovative and globally respected city like Sydney has some of the best minds for architectural work, guaranteeing a high quality, trendy and classy renovation of any property.

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