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Waterless Skincare -Glutathione Tablets | Glutone MD | Setria Glutathione

Minimal skincare and sustainable cosmetology have grown tremendously in recent years. Today, more and more people are keen to invest in beauty products that provide organic, waterless skincare solutions to maintain radiant skin texture. Primers and highlighters only cover blemishes, wrinkles, dark spots, and other skin imperfections for a limited time, so “there’s more than your skin wants.” So what’s the answer to a long-lasting skin glow?

Glutone MD Setria is a mouth-dissolving tablet containing glutathione to help combat issues like dark spots, dullness and uneven skin tone. Glutone MD or glutathione tablets is the world leader in water-free skin care tablets that inhibit the tyrosinase enzyme to regulate melanogenesis and prevent free radical damage. In addition, these pills have the property of being absorbed quickly to suit today’s hectic lifestyle.

Glutone MD: The Key to Waterless Skincare Trend 

Most products used for glowing skin and skin care routines require the use of additional water for effective results. Waterless products or waterless products are manufactured in the form of sheets, tablets, etc. These products not only reduce water consumption but also reduce the release of harmful chemicals into various waters.

The waterless skincare trend has gained much popularity with the South Korean beauty routine. Moreover, these products have limited preservatives which makes them suitable for all skin types. 

Benefits of Glutone MD 

  • Glutathione MD contains L-glutathione, a key ingredient approved by FSSAI. These mouth-melting dietary supplement tablets provide safe and effective results for both men and women. They start by repairing damaged cells with rapid absorption techniques, giving everyone a long-lasting skin glow without side effects.
  • The glutathione used in glutathione is GRAS certified (generally considered safe). This waterless skin care product has been shown to be non-irritating to the skin with continued use.
  • Glutone MD is a small, water-less skin care tablet that is placed under the tongue and absorbed sublingually within 1 minute. In addition, it provides various effects such as skin whitening, radiance, head to toe skin treatment, reduction of melasma and melanin production, and oxidative stress control.
  • Glutone MD is a waterless skin care product that is perfectly suitable for all skin types by affecting the chemical composition of the skin without the use of water. What sets it apart from other skin care pills is that it is safe, effective, and does not require a prescription.
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