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Water Logic Offers Water Filtration Plant In Cheap Prices

Home water filtration system – why do you need one?

Have you recently thought it would be a good idea to buy a water filtration system for your home? There has been a lot of debate recently about whether tap water is safe to drink in most places. You have probably heard government statements in the news that of course the drinking water in your city is safe.

But a recent study by the Washington Post found that drinking water in 24 US cities is actually contaminated with chemicals and prescription drugs! Who can you trust on this issue?

Here are some facts to help you decide whether to filter your water at home

Tap water undoubtedly contains harmful chemicals. Tap water is recycled, usually from contaminated tap water and sewage! This ‘recycled’ water is treated with strong chemicals to remove harmful bacteria. It then goes through a filtering process called “reverse osmosis”. One of the chemicals used in the treatment is chlorine, which causes many types of cancer.

In most cities, fluoride is added to drinking water in Water Filtration Plant price in Pakistan Dentists claim that fluoride protects you and your children’s teeth from cavities, and because of this claim, cities have been voting to add fluoride for years. But fluoride added to municipal water is more likely to be contaminated with arsenic and lead. Ignoring these contaminants for the moment, let us consider that laboratory studies have shown that toxic levels of fluoride in laboratory animals cause behavioral disturbances and consequent brain damage.

Brain damage has been linked to Alzheimer’s-like disorders and attention deficit-like behavior. Is this enough to make you think positively about buying a water filtration system? If not, remember that fluoride is also linked to the development of uterine and bone cancer. You don’t want these chemicals in your water: a water filtration system removes them.

Another item on the water filtration checklist is what is coming into your tap water from the lead water pipes that run under the streets in your community. Some of these pipes have been in American cities since Victorian times! When old pipes break down, the water pressure drops, allowing dirt, grime and bacteria to enter the water after it has been filtered at the water treatment plant.

Lead inevitably enters the water supply from these older pipes. You know that even minor lead poisoning in children can cause learning disabilities, behavioral problems and even a general loss of intelligence, because legislation was passed a few years ago to prevent the use of lead paint in homes and schools. Lead poisoning in adults contributes to high blood pressure. It can also interfere with the body’s electrical system. If the plumbing in your town is outdated, your home needs a good water filtration system.

Can you avoid these problems by simply buying and drinking bottled water? Of course not. The rules for producing bottled water are no stricter than those for tap water. In fact, some bottled water products are just tap water with a thin label. If you have a good water filtration system at home, you can recycle plastic bottles of tap water. It is even better for the environment if you buy a few stainless steel water bottles that you can carry around with you all day. With water filtration, you know where the water you drink comes from.

Do you already think installing a water filtration system is a good idea? You should no longer put your family’s health at risk by drinking water that has entered your home through old and damaged pipes. A good water filtration system cleans the water of substances, chemicals and bacteria. A water filtration system can be the best investment of your life!

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