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Want To Light Up Your Wedding Party With A Personalized Neon Sign? - Mazing US
Friday, February 23, 2024
HomeEntertainmentWant To Light Up Your Wedding Party With A Personalized Neon Sign?

Want To Light Up Your Wedding Party With A Personalized Neon Sign?

Know that planning a wedding can be a longer and more difficult route, that’s why at Impeyanlife. Like hundreds of satisfied customers, simply follow the steps below to create and order your neon wedding sign today.

Wedding personalized neon sign

Our signs are a big step forward in illumination design. With their unique construction, these flexible lights can directly replace the neon of traditional video with a better performance, less cost and a more easy maintenance. We call them the next generation of glass neon.

LED Neon is a flexible linear luminary without points. Unlike the cheap imitation and the illumination of bulk rope, LED Neon is designed to last. Our signs are ecological and do not contain harmful gases. They have very low power requirements and don’t get hot, so they’re safe to touch and kid friendly AND they look even brighter than traditional glass neon signs. Black power cord with a transformer.

The life of the signs is 50,000 hours and they are designed for indoor use. Its perm outdoors is not recommended.

Neon lights for your wedding

Planning weddings can be stressful or, if you manage stress well, it can be everything you expected; we help you with a great idea!

Yes, a neon poster personalized by your wedding.

Have you ever wondered what your wedding would be like, what flowers would you choose? What dress or suit would you wear? Prefer to elect you hometown or maybe go to a new destination or maybe add neon lights to your wedding.

Well, how do you make your wedding stand out from the rest?

What if you could show your friends and family how you feel that day?

Imagine yourself to express these sentiments in a single way with buying a personalized neon poster. YES! A custom neon sign

That expresses your feelings or maybe your thoughts, it can be as personal as you want.

Maybe you want a phrase from a poem you hold dear. Or a phrase that expresses the love you feel with your loved one.

Also, personalized neon is cheap and costs less than some similar details that are worn during a wedding.

The personalized neon lights apart from being resistant and durable, in a special aspect during a body, the neon lights are colored many.

Maybe it’s time to admit having a personal neon sign bts at your enthusiastic wedding.

What neon’s do we recommend for weddings?

There is a huge collection of neon’s for weddings, especially a loving collection. But you can also customize a neon sign through the customization tool that Impeyanlife.es offers

How does the tool work?

Very easy, in a few steps customize your neon sign yourself, colors, letters, shapes, size, etc. You can also send images to the designers and in time you will receive the final graphic.

How long does the neon delivery take?

About 2-3 weeks, it is recommended to place the order in advance before the event. The neon sign being a customizable product, manufacturers usually take their time during the manufacturing process to give the highest quality product, since it is a delicate and personalized product, agree to order in advance so that it fits with the event.

Is the neon sign waterproof?

In effect, the neon sign can be taken outside and even if it is raining there is no problem since it is waterproof (hopefully it will not rain on your wedding day) and inside, if it comes into contact with any liquid, there is no problem as it is waterproof.

Why choose neon for your wedding?

We can assure you that by adding neon lights to your wedding plans, you will give a very nice and special touch and will capture the views of all your guests and they will remember your special wedding.

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