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Want To Get Your ART Featured

Ultimately, your favourite art gallery has issued another open invitation for submissions. But how would you persuade others to discover your work? This step by step guide/tutorial will teach you how to ace your art submissions and get a seat in one of the most prominent art galleries that welcome new artists.

Your art takes a lot of time and energy and you wish it to be featured in a commercial setting, one that can possibly earn you monetary benefit but you do not need to know everything since the jump! It is okay to be worried and to feel confused, however, we are here to simplify the task for you.

Firstly, we understand that connecting monetary gains to your art might seem betrayal at first sight however we want to assure you there is nothing wrong with wanting your talent to earn you commercial success and benefits. Promoting oneself and your artwork sometimes seems unusual originally, although it is a talent you must acquire. Numerous museums and galleries are searching for contributions by artists of all levels of experience, and the revenues that follow after your artwork is in an exhibit can be life-changing.

First and foremost, if you would like to sell your art, you’ll need exposure, thus your initial objective ought to be to find a company that would accept your artwork and you and promote to prospective buyers. Here’s how to improve your presentation abilities and then get your work into the hands of clients.


Is there a museum or an art gallery you really like? The one which always catches your eye? Or the one that almost always has enticing pieces? Do you have one in your local area? Do some research and figure out where you would realistically want your art to go. 

If you are situated near PHILIPSBURG, MT or art galleries in St George Utah, these places have some really cool and interesting galleries you might want to check out such as ILLUME Gallery of Fine Art. That displays art in various forms and varieties and their display ranges from Photographies, sculptors and fine art in totality.  


Acquaint yourself with previous and present shows at galleries and take a note of the artists that are prominent as well as the types of art they often represent. Whenever contributing your work, make sure it’s accurate in with the gallery’s typical themes, fashions, and formats.

You need to get in the forums and groups of artists and those who are in the similar field of work to get a better understanding on what to do and how to do it. For instance, a contemporary rising artist named Charlie Hunter’s art has recently been quite prominent with his works such as Out There Somewhere, Shiver and Not So Blue . Charlie Hunter’s art possess the mix of post mordernist and romantic art with the extraordinary capability to hold the most mundane objects and convert them into seductive treasures of design and creative insight with his brush. The artist Charlie Hunter is a great example on where to get inspiration from!


When it pertains to branding oneself & sending paintings to exhibitions seeking for fresh artists, developing an online artwork collection is vital. It’s a brilliant way to show off your creative work.

Ascertain that you own your own distinctive domain name. after you’ve had your art presented somewhere before college exhibit matters as well and you must also include your contact info, bio, artistic manifesto, and CV. Don’t forget to add any media remarks.


If you are in the initial steps of your art career, getting recognized must be your main goal and possibly gaining money from your art, however, you must not sacrifice your authenticity and value for getting recognition because there are many institutions and art galleries that would exploit your art and sell it to you for way less than you deserve. This is not just unethical but also damaging for your art and yourself. Don’t entrust your artwork to individuals who aren’t going to appreciate you or your work.

Ensure proper paperwork, agreement, Terms and Conditions are in place before you decide to give someone your art. Do not believe in just words or friendships.


The main truth is that beginning to present a new, undiscovered artist constantly carries some risk for distributors. The goal is to become visible. Surprisingly, this implies that perhaps the greatest way to convince others to display your work is to reveal yourself first.

Advertise yourself first, use your internet presence to make the best out of your work and make your own flat/ living space into a display of your artwork. Most importantly, note that your perspective matters, your art needs to be how you view it, it should not matter if it makes no sense to anyone else. 


As the world around us modernizes, so does art. As times progress, new artists may find it even more difficult to get exposure however, you need not worry. The first step is what is the most important and what must matter. Art takes time and your patience. All you need to do is wait and do your best!

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