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Want to Customize Wavlink WiFi Settings? Let’s Help!

Customizing the WiFi settings of the Wavlink range extender allows is beneficial for you in many ways. When the SSID helps to find the Wavlink extender on the network list, the password helps to secure your WiFi network. Not only this but changing the WiFi settings of the extender also helps in reducing WiFi leeches. You only need to go to the Wavlink login page..

Read this article and learn the entire process of customizing the extender’s WiFi settings in the easiest way.

Steps to Customize Wavlink WiFi Settings

Pull Up an Internet Browser

First of all, connect your PC to a working wall socket and switch it on. When your PC is ready to use, launch a web browser that you find user-friendly. Whatever web browser you use to alter the Wavlink WiFi settings must not be obsolete. If it is, install the most recent version of the web browser.

In addition, consider deleting unnecessary files from the internet browser by navigating to its Settings section. Go the extra mile and have access to two web browsers. In case one of them fails to help you.

Access http //

The next step is to access http // So, take attention to the internet browser’s location bar and put the web URL into it. Thereafter, hit the Enter key. Make sure that you do not commit any typing error while entering http //

Additionally, do not enter the web URL into the search box of the internet browser. Doing so will go in vain as the search box is not the correct destination to access any web address.

Do Wavlink Extender Login

Hitting Enter will make you land upon the Wavlink loginwindow. Here, you will be encouraged to enter the default admin details of the Wavlink extender model you own. So, type in the required details and hit Login. The default username and password of the extender are case-sensitive. It means you can’t capitalize letters unnecessarily. Double-check the entrees made you before clicking the Login button.

In case you have forgotten the default login credentials of your Wavlink range extender, take help from the user manual of the model. Use the newer details if you have customized the default ones.

Tweak WiFi Configuration

The moment you click Login, you will see the Wavlink setup dashboard flaunting the settings of your Wavlink WiFi extender. Now, move to the WiFi option and click it. You will get redirected to the WiFi Configuration page. Here, the WiFi settings of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands are charted.

So, enter the new SSID and WiFi password of your Wavlink extender into their designated fields. Click the Apply button. The new settings of your Wavlink range extender will get reflected shortly.

That’s it! You have successfully changed the WiFi settings of your Wavlink wireless extender. Now, your extender is more secure than it was earlier. Just in case you got stuck while changing the extender’s wireless configuration, have a glance at the Wavlink troubleshooting tips mentioned in the next section.

Fixed: Can’t Change Wavlink WiFi Settings

1. Check Power Socket

A sufficient power supply is one of the primary requirements to get success with the process of changing the settings of the Wavlink range extender. If the power socket you have used is not in a working state, then get it repaired. What happened? Find it time-consuming? Plug your Wavlink WiFi extender into another power socket.

2. Connect WiFi Devices Accurately

An inaccurate connection between your Wavlink range extender and the host router can also create hurdles while changing wireless settings. Thus, you need to change it first. If you have used a wireless source, then it is suggested that the distance between the devices needs to be less. In case you are fond of using cable, then consider checking its physical condition. If it is worn out from any end, don’t wait to get replaced with a new one. And, one more thing, make the connection finger-tight. Else, you will keep facing issues.

In Conclusion

Customizing the WiFi settings of the Wavlink range extender will be helpful for you in every way. Wrapping up the post with the aspiration that the guidelines discussed here will help you assign new wireless settings to your Wavlink extender.

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