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Volta Technology – What is Volta Technology?

 Volta identifies and works with entrepreneurs to solve their most pressing challenges while providing its investors the opportunity to invest and achieve the most promising breakthroughs in these technologies.

  What are Volta technologies used for?

  Volta Technology is a platform that uses electrochemistry to convert CO2 into products and chemical building blocks, such as glycolic acid and glycolic acid.  These products are mainly used in cosmetics and polyesters.  From which many products are made.

  The spread of Volta technologies to the environment?

 Imagine a world in which an excess of Co2 is not harmful to us now or in the future, but it is useful.

  Volta Technologies Platform technology is a technology that uses electrochemistry to convert Co2 into a high-value product and chemical building block.

Value of life in Volta technologies?

  Volta Technology is a leading electro-catalytic platform developing a CO2 utilization solution for our future.  To make life easier in the future.

 So VT is the technology that can make lifestyle in its purview in the future and will play an important role in instilling the values ​​of our life.

  What is the value of VT?

  As of recent Volta Inc. has a market capitalization of $298.32 million.  And in the future, its market value is likely to reach $ 1000 million by 2030.

Volta Technology and Avantium Batteries

A new battery company based in Hong Kong is aiming to make mass production of its all-solid-state batteries in early 2023. The company calls its batteries the “next generation of battery products” as they are safer than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Here’s how the company plans to make the most of its technology. Let’s look at the company’s latest developments. This article will discuss the EnGo Static and Avantium batteries.

Complete Energy Solutions for Custom Applications

Our systems can be easily integrated as a replacement for a generator or an alternator. They are modular systems, which provide your applications with increased power in a reduced volume.

Examples of Custom Applications:

Mobile Command Centers

Off-Site Power for Film or Video Production

(Silent operation, to the delight of audio technicians)

Backup Power for Individuals and Businesses

Offsite Backup Power for Industry and Telecommunications

Lifespan at least equal to that of the vehicle

Lasting five times longer than traditional batteries, Volta energy storage solutions are designed to last as long as your vehicle.

Volta Trucks partners with HERE Technologies

Objective: to equip its electric vehicles with a personalized and precise navigation system, integrating the what3words…Volta Trucks, a leading innovative all-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and service provider, has confirmed that the next Volta Zero will have integrated navigation services provided by HERE Technologies, the leading location-based Volta Technology,  and data platform. The Volta Zero will use the EV Range Assistant, an electric vehicle range assistant developed by HERE and designed for city center deliveries. The device includes an evaluation of the distance traveled by trucks and allows route planning, including delivery stops. Search functions, route calculations, real-time traffic information, and turn-by-turn voice guidance will be available both online and offline.

“We are pleased that our long experience with major car manufacturers benefits Volta Trucks and allows it to offer it’s truck drivers the best navigation experience. Navigating 16-tonne trucks through the heart of city centers is a challenge in itself; thanks to our features for trucks and our range calculator dedicated to electric vehicles, Volta Zero drivers can focus on what matters most: the road ahead of them”, concludes Gino Ferru, General Manager of the Europe zone. , Middle East, Africa, and Russia, and Senior Vice President of HERE Technologies.

Media Representative

Mr. Chou Lee, Investor Relations Officer,, +852 2319 4667,

13F Sun Life Tower, 21 Canton Road,

Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Source: Volta Technology Limited.

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