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Vipassana: A Brief Impression of What to Expect from It. 

Beyond any question, we all know that vipassana is something repulsive but an enriching experience that can drastically change the way you feel and live your life. If you are under the impression that meditation technique works like healing crystals, then you need to learn about vipassana in detail. Let’s explore the key aspects of vipassana and find out how your vipassana meditation experience can affect your life after the meditation retreat. 

Let’s Get Started With Knowing What Is Vipassana Meditation?

An ancient Indian practice, vipassana is around 2,500 years old. Although it is considered as a simple meditation technique, practicing it is the difficult part, especially for beginners. According to Buddhism precepts, a notion behind the technique is that life is full of misery.

When it comes to the idea behind the technique, it is to enable practitioners to cope with and heal their existential pain and misery. In addition, it teaches practitioners to remain satisfied with whatever life offers them. 

A Brief About the 10-day Vipassana Meditation Guide 

As the name suggests, it’s a 10-day program where practitioners are taught how to do the practice for exceptional vipassana experience. Although it’s just a 10-day program, it is intense and takes place in a dedicated center. For example, if you go for a vipassana experience in India, your day starts at 4 AM with meditation and ends at around 9:30 PM with bedding. 

How Does Vipassana Meditation Work in Real-Time? 

Vipassana is like a pair of new leather shoes; they are painful in the beginning, but with time, they become more comfortable than before. Similarly, your initial vipassana experience can be painful, but the technique becomes enjoyable with time. The ancient meditation technique focuses on the breathing process and achieving a quiet mind. Once your mind is prepared for the practice, there’s a process of analyzing and dissolving corporeal sensations. Here, the main objective is to disappear all kinds of disappointments and make one feel good about themselves. 

Know What to Expect from Your Vipassana Meditation Online Program

  • It is a short-term meditation program, so expect it to be intense and painful in the beginning. However, it becomes easier over time. 
  • When it comes to outcomes, there are multiple benefits that you can expect from the ancient practice. They include:
  • Letting Go of Judgment: You learn how to let go of judgment and discover a sense of presence. 
  • Finding Sources of Sufferings: Overthinking and memorizing the bad memories lead to sufferings. During vipassana, you learn how not to overthink and recognise the thoughts that result in more sufferings. 
  • Reducing Stress, Improving Concentration: The practice helps you understand how to destress and focus on the important things in life. 

In short, vipassana can be described as an impeccable ancient practice that makes one feel good about themselves. Your vipassana experience leaves you with a feeling of fulfillment in life. Have you ever experienced vipassana meditation online or at a retreat house? If yes, then share your experience with us. 

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