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Vintage wedding style ideas. What is worth keeping in mind?

Are you looking for wedding photographers in Miami? The best offers are waiting for you at Vanilla Brides. There are real professionals who are ready to capture all the details of the ceremony. The vintage wedding style ideas look especially interesting now. But it is important to pay attention to details in order for everything to be perfect. 

The vintage is all about romance and an opportunity to emphasize beauty in the little things. This applies to both the color design of the wedding and the accessories. Professionals also recommend to use the following elements at such ceremonies:

  • flowers;
  • greenery;
  • stationery;
  • signs, stylized in the old style.

The vintage modern wedding is characterized by various lace accents, pastel colors. This allows you to create a unique aesthetic. It combines femininity and chic. Such a design option will certainly be appreciated by every fashionista and her beloved. 

Features of the vintage style

Vintage is rather about creating a special atmosphere. It is best to hold such ceremonies in an open area. A forest or a place located near a water body would sound good. A country garden can also be a great choice. 

It is important to pay attention to colors to make the vintage wedding successful. It is better to use delicate, pastel shades. They look gentle and concise. This will allow you to create a comfortable atmosphere at the ceremony. 

If you want to add a touch of something more unusual, you can use such colors as gray, dark blue or silver. They are well combined with pastel colors.

Those who like to create conceptual images can choose to hold the ceremony in a retro style. For example, try to touch the golden era of Hollywood or the atmosphere of the 1920s. But for this, you will need to think about additional moments. For example, outfits, makeup. Depending on the chosen era, it will be flashier or, on the contrary, restrained.

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Even if you’re planning a vintage retro wedding, don’t forget the modern stuff anyway. Yes, the elaborate concept and the emphasis on antiquity is great. But after all, this is the XXI century. Therefore, choose more stylish and modern details. For example, tablecloths, garlands. Such seemingly insignificant details will bring variety to the design of the ceremony.

To add conceptuality, prepare vintage-style invitations in advance. For example, they can be decorated with floral design, made of special paper. This is very important for those who want to set the guests to the conceptual design of the ceremony with the invitation.

What outfits to choose: tips from Vanilla Brides

The appearance of the bride and groom is about what should definitely be paid close attention. A timeless classic is the tulle skirt. Lace dresses will also look very cool at a conceptual wedding. Another important detail for the ladies is the sleeves. Long sleeves like in Hollywood movies of the 1950s will look good. 

It is also very important to choose shoes. Vintage ceremonies usually mean that it should be on a low heel. It is desirable to choose a discreet color, so it is harmoniously combined with the dress. Thanks to this, the lady’s look will be delicate and laconic. And she will feel comfortable in the shoes on a low heel.

Men who choose an outfit for retro wedding style can also choose among several design options. Both suits and a smoking jacket will look good. Moreover, you can choose an option that is made in an unusual style. For example, dark blue and velvet. It is possible to complement the look with a tie or a bow tie. 

A stylish bouquet is also very important for a lady. It is usually small. The following flowers will look good in the bouquet:  

  • roses;
  • lavender;
  • tulips;
  • thistles.

Such flowers in vintage wedding day will be very appropriate. 

What else do you need to remember, arranging a vintage ceremony?

Another important detail is the wedding table. It will be reasonable to arrange ceramic objects on it, it is important to create a discreet garden effect. Porcelain items, silverware – they will all be appropriate for such a ceremony. If it takes place in a hall, it is wise to place a vintage dresser somewhere. It can also be one of the places for the photo shoot.

In this way, you now know what does a vintage wedding look like. This will allow you to work out all the details and create a unique, soft and cozy style for the ceremony. Each guest will feel comfortable and relaxed at such a celebration. Contact Vanilla Brides and ask the specialists to work out all the details. This will allow you to hold the ceremony exactly as you plan it. 



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