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The Viability of Split System Air Conditioner And Buying Tips

If you think a split system is valid only for an air conditioner then you are absolutely mistaken. It is applicable for even the heating system that is part of the HVAC systems that run in homes. A split system is simply that HVAC system where there is an indoor and an outdoor unit. But generally when you talk about split system it refers to air conditioners. And this system is that which includes either a heater or air conditioner that you can install in your home. It is coupled with either a fan coil or a gas furnace that can be traced to the outdoor of your home.

The Components of A Split System

A split system comprises mainly two parts:

  • An outdoor unit – It houses the compressor
  • An indoor unit – It disperses the cool air around the room and carries away the hot air through the outlet pipe. It also houses the filter and the evaporator coil.

Split systems work through a series of ductworks that are connected through the ceiling via pipes. These pipes connect both the indoor and outdoor units. The refrigerant material is spread out through copper pipes that generate either hot air or cold air.

The Various Types of Split Systems

There are many types of split systems which are popular in various countries. They can be categorized as:

  • Split System – This split system has two units namely the indoor and the outdoor units. They are connected to each other by a series of copper pipes.
  • Multi Split – It is like the split system but it has two or more indoor units as its name suggests. This will cool more than one room at the same time.
  • Ducted – This in a layman’s parlance would be the central air conditioning system. The cooling unit is located outside the house and it cools the whole house by air outlets and sensors located in the different rooms of the house.
  • Window system – It is just one box like system that does the entire cooling of one room only. That is it cools the room where it is placed.
  • Portable system – It is also a single unit that can be shuffled from one room to the other as and where it is required.

Reverse Cycle Split System

It is the most modern system of cooling. It can both heat and cool the space where it is installed. That is why it is called reverse cycle system. If you want to understand it then you must know that when it is in the cooling mode, a split system air conditioner is at play. The system is just what you would see in a split system air conditioner only.

Features That You Must Take Into Consideration When Buying

There are certain features that you must consider when you buy a split system. You must check out the fan speed, operation mode, human presence sensor, Wi-fi apps control and the remote control.  After talking to your dealer if you find these factors meet your expectation then you could jolly well buy one split system.

Advantages of Split System Air Conditioner

The split system air conditioner has many advantages that might prod you to buy one. It is very quiet and much cleaner. It is also very aesthetically appealing because of the attractive designs and colours that they come in.

Some brands of split systems are said to be the best but here you must remember that each brand is specific to each country because of their climatic conditions. So what might be good in India may not be good in Australia. So again when you buy the system of a  certain brand, make sure that you check out with the dealer about its suitability in that specific weather condition. This will ensure that you will get the most from the money that you spent.

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