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United States Senate approves abolishing time change and staying in daylight saving time

The United States Senate unanimously approved this Tuesday to abolish the time change and keep the summer time to have brighter afternoons, an initiative that must now be ratified by the House of Representatives.


The measure, which would take effect in November 2023, would make daylight saving time permanent, so that the United States would no longer change the time twice a year.

During the debate in the upper house, Republican Senator Marco Rubio, promoter of the bill, described the time change as “stupid” and opined that “most Americans want to stop advancing and slowing down” the clock.

Rubio claimed that summer time allows “spending more time outdoors in the afternoons” because there is more sunlight, in addition to the fact that, in his opinion, crime is reduced.

“I know that this is not the most important issue for the United States, but it is one of the issues that generates the most consensus,” he added about the suppression of the time change.

When drafting the text, the senator agreed with the airlines and television networks for the entry into force of this measure from November 2023 so that they have time to adapt.

The United States entered daylight saving time last weekend and will return to winter time next November, a change that has been made since the early 20th century in much of the world to save energy.

If the House of Representatives approves it, the initiative will be sent to the president, Joe Biden, who has not yet ruled for or against enacting it. 

Is the clock forward or backward?: when does the time change

The year is almost over, indicating that it is time to set the clock. When does the 2021 daylight saving time change? Know the details.

The clock doesn’t mark the hours, because I’m going to go crazy. The year is almost over, which means it’s time to set the clock. Check when daylight saving time changes.

Every year we have to change the schedule twice: once on the first Sunday of April and the second on the last Sunday of October at 2:00.

This applies throughout the country, except in Quintana Roo and Sonora, entities that do not apply in summer time.

In addition, in the border strip with the United States there is a time change; however, it is done on different dates than the rest of the country.

When does daylight saving time change 2022

This year, daylight saving time began on April 4 and will end at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 31, at which time daylight saving time will begin. This means that before going to sleep you should set your clock.

On this occasion, the clock must be turned back one hour, according to the National Metrology Center. So yes: we will be able to sleep one more hour that night.

Regarding the border strip with the United States (made up of 33 municipalities), summer time begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November.

In other words, it began on March 14 and will end on Sunday, November 7, at which time the clock must be set back one hour.

Remember to set your clock back before going to sleep, so that you wake up with the new time. That way you won’t get anywhere much earlier.

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