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Unique Ways To Style Your Sports Shoes – From Party To Work

Sneakers are no longer restricted to the gym anymore. You will be amazed by the fashion-forward styles that make you feel comfortable and confident. Sometimes it might get tricky to combine sports shoes with your daily wear, so here is why we have gathered some inspirations for you.

Styling with Statement Sneakers

These sports shoes some with bright patterns and colours. Sports shoes like PUMA Minecraft City Rider comes with a statement spin. These can be a fun way to express your mood and individuality. You can pair them with joggers, leggings, and blue, black, or white denim. The trick is to play down with the rest of the outfit. 

The Staple Sneaker

The staple one is neutral sportswear that goes well with the casual and professional dress. Simple things like sweatshirts or regular shirts with straight-fit jeans should work. Stick to plain colours and avoid heavy prints. Otherwise, your outfit might look too loud. For instance, PUMA Unisex-Adult Tsugi Blaze Staple Sneakers can be teamed up with a regular T-shirt and an overcoat to give it a contemporary spin. There can be a staple sneaker for every wardrobe.

Sporty Sneaker

These have evolved from running shoes. These lightweight shoes offer necessary support while walking and during light/moderate exercises. Since sports shoes are slightly chunky, they look the best with ankle-length pants.

3 Sports Shoe Styling Tips to Swear By:

  1. The skin should be visible between your dress, joggers, jeans, and shoes. Your jeans must stand an inch or two above the ankle bone.
  2. Your socks must not show.
  3. Buy a shoe that fits perfectly, and it will automatically turn out to be your favoutire one. By keeping the styling tip in mind, you will wear sneakers on different occasions.

Places Where you Can Wear your Sports Shoes:

Now that we know the fashion guidelines and types of sneakers available let us check where you can wear them.

  • Sports Matches: The first place that comes to mind is sports matches. You can wear a casual shirt and jeans and match them with sneakers of the right colour. 
  • Casual Party: From Sunday BBQ parties to banquets and balls (unless anything particularly specified), sneakers can be a comfortable addition, as sports matches tend to be exciting and intense events. You can enjoy your time while comfortably sliding into a pair of breathable shoes.
  • Brunch: You can team up your sports shoes with almost anything depending on the weather. In summer you can team up with a light T-shirt, and in the case of winter maybe jeans with a leather jacket shall be reasonable.
  • Shopping is fun and joyful, and you might spend hours on it. Walking in a pair of ill-fitted shoes for such long hours can be uncomfortable. Sports shoes shall keep you relaxed, happy, and comfortable.

How do you Pick the Suitable Sports Shoe?

Whatever you wear, your sports shoes need to fit well and offer you the necessary support. Here we share some of the fitting tips that can help you buy a perfect pair:

  • Seek Help from Professionals: Salespersons guide you to find well-fitted shoes in a shoe store. Make sure to walk around the store to ensure the fit and support are comfortable.
  • Try shoes at the End of the Day: Our feet sizes tend to vary between morning and the middle of the day. Your feet swell up after a workout or a run, so the preferred time for buying shoes is mid-afternoon.
  • Wear Socks: It is advisable to wear the kind of socks that you plan to wear the shoes with for a better fit.
  • Wiggle your Toes: Do you feel you must break into the shoes to fit them? Maybe they are not the right size, then. You must be able to move your toes freely inside the sneakers.
  • Firmness: An athletic sneaker must offer your heels a proper grip. Your heel must not slip when you run or walk.
  • Change your Shoe on Time: The cushioning material in sneakers wears out after some time. It would be best if you go for new ones every year. Also, remember to wear all the teams you have in your closet. This is an important component for maintaining sound health.

Buying Mistakes to Avoid:

We sometimes tend to feel overwhelmed with a wide range of options to buy sports shoes online. Here are some guidelines to ensure you make a wise choice.

Are you Only Concerned about Fashion? If you are concerned with the fashion only, you might end up saying the shoe hurts after a few days. So, when you buy sports shoes, think fit and feel, not just fashion.

Assuming your Size: This mainly happens when you switch to a different brand and consider the size is the same. The stitching methods tend to bring variations in size. It is always better to get your feet measured before buying one.

Sports shoes continue to dominate the fashion world more than anyone may realize. The modern-day sneakers bear little resemblance to the forerunners, and the fame remains unrelieved.



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