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Understanding A Quote When Renting A Dumpster Rental

Understanding what goes into your garbage bin rental quote is a good idea when making sense of the price. It’s best to provide correct data. So if you are going to contact us, there are a few things you will require to know. Here is a convenient checklist.

  • -The address of the belongings
  •  -What type of things do you want to get rid of
  •  -How much junk there is
  •  -Where would you want the garbage bins placed on your property?
  •  -What date would you want it to arrive?
  •  -How long do you guess you’ll need it for?

If you can answer these questions, you’ll be able to get an accurate quote over the phone.


The all-inclusive pricing model is the most popular. Most people prefer it because it is easy to understand and there are no surprises. This is what you will find included in your all-inclusive pricing.


The cost of the fuel and labor required to bring your garbage bin to your house. The bin needs to be brought out, unloaded, and put in a safe place by trained staff.


Renting a bin can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. However, some companies also offer the option to rent for only one day. If you want the bin for a long time or have special considerations, let the company know before getting your quote. This will help them calculate the total cost for you.


The other part of your quote will reflect the collection and loading of the dumpster on your designated day. This will include the cost of fuel and labor.


The weight of the things you want to get rid of will affect the price. That is why it is good to list what you are getting rid of when you ask for a quote.

Most companies have a weight limit for each bin. This is usually measured in tons. If you go considerably over your calculated weight, you might have to pay an overage fee. The lot generally calculates this fee.

Some advice to avoid overage fees is below.

1. Select an appropriate bin size for your project.

2. Keep it covered, so the items don’t get weighed down by rain — or opportunistic fly-tippers

 3. Try and attach closely to dumping the things you were quoted for

 4. Stick within the pack date to avoid late fees



To avoid overage fees, you need to give your garbage bin rental company the most accurate information. It is good to rent a small bin, but if you put too many things in it, you might have to pay more money. Be clear about how largely weight you will need to get rid of so that your garbage bin professional can advise you on the right bin size.


When you get a quote for garbage collection, it is based on how long you will need their property. Sometimes you might need more time than you thought, and if that happens, you will need to reschedule. Most companies charge around $10-20 per day if you go over the agreed time. So if you do run over, expect to see that on your bill.


Some local rules and regulations affect when and where you can put your garbage bin. Make sure to research any local permits that might be needed. Usually, these are pretty straightforward, but sometimes there are specific rules from HomeOwners Associations or streets that need to be followed. Situations where a permit is necessary include dumping the garbage bin on a public right of way, like city sidewalks or streets, alleyways or publicly owned properties like parking lots.

Situations where a permit is not needed, are when you are not blocking a public right of way. This can include your driveway or property, private commercial premises, or private land.


There may be extra fees when renting a garbage bin, depending on where you are located. This happens when the property or office is in a remote area, and it takes longer to get to it. However, if you are precise with this information during your quote, this will not happen.


Different provinces and municipalities have different rules about what items are not allowed in landfills. If you don’t follow these rules, you could be fined.

It is best to be exact about what things you plan to put in the garbage bin. This way, you will know what is suitable for disposal. Some things are not ideal for the dump, while others are more surprising. See our useful list of items that can and can’t be disposed of, and if there are any you are uncertain about, it is worth enquiring about before your quote.

How to get A Dumpster Rental Quotations?

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