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Ultimate Guide on My Tools Town .com APK for Instagram

What Is My Tools Town .Com?

My Tools Town is an android application designed for those Instagram users who need real followers and likes. This online app allows them to grow their Instagram account fast. My Tools Town Instagram is one of the best auto followers applications on Google Play Store, which does not require

  • Credits
  • Coins 
  • Subscription fee
  • Hidden charges etc.

When someone visits someone’s Instagram account, we first notice how many followers the personnel has grabbed. It is the number of followers that sensors our brain and compels our fingers to tap on their:

  • Number of posts
  • Number of likes
  • Top followers 

Every social media user’s dream is to have a lump sum of likes and followers on Instagram. This dream can now be turned into a real-life adventure using the My Tools online application. 

This online application boosts the number of likes and follower count speedily. There are guides on the play store which answer the question of how to get unlimited credits in My Tools Town. 

About My Tools Town

Most free followers-providing applications provide 99% fake followers, so these third-party applications can disable your Instagram account. Is My Tools Town legal? It can be judged by reading its features like

  1. Website name: My Tools Town
  2. Developed on 12 December 2019
  3. It is an illegal Movie downloading website 
  4. Its owners are unknown on social media
  5. Its regular traffic is 650k per month (as per the social blade)

Many websites like My Tools Town where users do not need to log in to their real Instagram account. What makes this application unique? It is the credit collecting feature that is mandatory.

One cannot take real followers from here without collecting credits. It is neither a problematic task nor an easy way. There are many credit collecting ways which we will discuss later in this article.

Downloading My Tools Town APK for Android

Follow the steps mentioned below in sequence if you want to increase real followers with My Tools Town app.

  • Step1: Complete human verification after clicking the link
  • Step2: Click on ‘I’m not a robot
  • Step3: Complete the google Re-Captcha
  • Step4: After this, access will be given to the My Tools Town Apk download
  • Step5: Wait for 15 seconds, and the app will be downloaded automatically 

Real Followers from My Tools Town App

How can an Instagram user get real followers and likes on the post with this application? Here are some tactics and tricks to get access to followers. 

  1. Click on APK after downloading, then scroll down a bit. The user will see an Open button. Just left-click on it.
  2. Enter the username and password of the account and click on the Search button if you want real followers on Insta
  3. Once the dashboard appears, the user has to collect some credits to get followers. Click on the Earn Credits button to collect the credits.
  4. Simply click on Follow button to earn credits for gaining likes and followers.
  5. Then click the Green Box to Follow the account and go back to the (Green Box).
  6. Once the user returns to the dashboard, you will get two credit coins.
  7. For liking each photo, an Insta user will get one credit; similarly, by following one account, you will get one credit.
  8. After going through the above process and collecting lots of credits, click on the Auto Followers button
  9. Add the number of followers, likes, and posts, and then complete the Google Captcha.
  10. Lastly, click on Promote button to continue getting followers.

How To Use My Tools Town Application

Once the website is accessed, the user will see a specific user-friendly interface where he must enter his Instagram account username and click the SEARCH ACCOUNT button below. To earn credits on the website, a user has to just do the following: 

  1. Click on the EARN CREDITS button. 
  2. My Tools gives the option of FOLLOW button.
  3. Follow other accounts, and get immense followers in return of it.
  4. Once the user has collected many coins, it is time to increase followers on the Insta application, which can be done by clicking the BOOST PROFILE button.
  5. If a user wants to achieve targeted followers, he can enter the number of followers in-app and click ADD PROMOTION button.

Working Of My Tools Town APK App

Many people are in search of that which tools are available on My Tools Town. Also, people want to know the working of My Tools Town Instagram app. Here are some of the working tips for this app:

  1. The user must have complete knowledge of the application
  2. Join the application by entering your username and password, and it will re-direct login to this application
  3. Earn credits in this application and start liking and following other Instagram users
  4. Use credits to increase your followers and boost the account
  5. Grab thousands of followers on Instagram free of cost by using the My Tools Town app
  6. Increase likes, followers, and comments on your Instagram account through it

Features Of My Tools Town Application

Does My Tools Town really work? It can be decided and judged by having a bull’s eye on its fascinating features. These include

  1. It provides you with thousands of free followers, likes, comments, and shares totally free of cost.
  2. This application increases views on your Instagram account.
  3. Free Insta reels can be accessed by its users worldwide.
  4. It is 100% safe and legal application to use. If you get thousands of followers, it is still a secure application.
  5. It has a very safe way of logging in instantly.

Users are recommended to get more and more likes, comments, and followers on their Instagram ID via this My Tools Town Instagram. There may be many My Tools Town alternatives but beating this application is not an easy task.

Some other unique features associated with this app are

  1. Its size is just 20MB which is far little than other likes, followers giving applications
  2. Its gaming mode is named Unlimited Tiktok liker
  3. It was lastly updated on 4 March 2022
  4. Anyone can download it easily from Google Play Store
  5. It is a totally free-of-cost app without any subscription charges

Is My Tools Town Legal?

Whenever a user downloads a new APK file, there is the first question about its safety to mobile and legality to law. There is no rigid answer to the query as the safety of using My Tools Town Apk depends on several factors like

  • Type of Instagram account
  • Number of followers and likes on posts
  • How the user uses the app

It is a universal application that allows users to increase their followers and likes on Instagram for free. It is generally a safe app to use as long as you follow the recommended guidelines. Some of its offered services are

  1. Automated liking, following, and commenting.
  2. It provides details about any violation of Instagram’s terms of the agreement.
  3. This app has a clear policy against automated activity on its website.
  4. Users may not comply with its terms and conditions as per settings.

If a user uses it carefully, My Tools Town Apk is mostly safe. There are many ways that you can attempt to avoid getting banned. 

Pros of Using My Tools Town Instagram

By knowing its benefits, the user will be able to get more information about My Tools Town APK quickly. The user can access free website tools and other subscriptions here on this application. 

Its top benefits include 

  1. It is accessible all around the globe.
  2. The number of features are provided by My Tools
  3. People can rapidly boost the number of likes on their Instagram accounts.
  4. All followers are real ID-based and not robots.
  5. This app is very easy to use due to its user-friendly interface.
  6. New users can easily get in touch with its eye-catching features.
  7. There is no harm to your existing Instagram account using this app.
  8. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. So, one can use it on both phones.

You can also benefit by easily increasing your subscribers and followers on your Instagram account and other social media platforms. 

Cons Of Using My Tools Town Instagram

As it probably provides fake likes and followers on your Insta account. So, there may be harmful activities and legality issues associated with it. Some of its disadvantages are

  1. It is best supported on Android phones, but it does not differentiate very well on iOS devices
  2. There are a few tools on this website that are prone to error and do not work properly 
  3. Some of My Tools Town features are not supported by the guidelines of the Instagram social media platform
  4. Its official version is not yet available on the Play store. People are using its mirror copy made for Android phones
  5. Users have a difficult task of earning credits to get likes and followers on your Instagram account 
  6. Coin credits can be earned in just one way, i.e., by liking and following other’s posts

How My Tools Town increase real Instagram followers? 

People often ask: How To Use My Tools Town Instagram? It’s a simple and easy-to-use app. People have very good reviews after using this application and getting real followers and likes on their posts. 

  1. First, you will have to see the official website of my tools, There the home page of the application will open in front of you.
  2. Several wise tool options are given to you to increase your followers.
  3. Once the user clicks the tools, you will be asked for the URL or link of social media accounts like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  4. After entering your account’s username and password credentials, you will start getting followers and subscribers on your social media account.
  5. Users must earn one credit per day to boost their accounts.

Why Is the Use of My Tools Town App Encouraged?

It is a popular application that helps to boost your Instagram users to get instant likes, follows, comments, and stories on their accounts. Many platforms offer unrestricted likes and followers, but most take money for their services.

Here on this application, users can get free likes, shares, followers, and comments free of cost. Once My Tools Town is installed, the user can activate the unknown sources option by going to settings to get random followers. 

Websites Like My Tools Town

There are many My Tools Town alternatives, but all are just used up to an extent and have many problems is their URL codes. If you are having issues using My Tools Town Instagram piques your interest and offers other applications.

Some of My Tools Town tools are

  • My Tools Town YouTube subscribers and likes exchange
  • My Tools Town fans, views, and Tiktok likes exchange
  • My Tools Town Insta profile analytics 

This website also offers a prank tool named SMS Bomber, which helps Insta users to get an option of random texting to promote their page. Its similar tools include

  1. Word combiner in Excel and PowerPoint
  2. Facebook video downloader
  3. Website Backlink maker online 
  4. YouTube and subscribers exchange

My Tools Town Alternatives

Here are the top 5 websites that are similar to My Tools Town. These websites provide free YouTube Subscribers, free comments, and Instagram followers for free cost. There are no subscription plans and fees for using these sites. 

The list is updated on a timely basis about the websites offering free services that one can use to increase followers on his social media accounts.

  6. Sms bomber. online

If you want to learn the complete process, how to log in to My Tools Town application and how to boost your Instagram account with thousands of followers, it is suggested to must grab these applications


  1. Getliker
  2. Getinsta Mod 4 APK
  3. Instagram Mod APK
  4. IG Panel APK
  5. Top Follow Mod APK

My Tools Town Hack

If someone is curious about the fact that in real how My Tools Town increase real Instagram followers? So here, you can learn how to get unlimited credits in My Tools Town mod APK, which can help collect unlimited coins.

  • Step1: Download My Tools Town Instagram hack from its URL link
  • Step2: Enable to download application from an unknown source application in the security section of your Android phone
  • Step3: Just click on download and install the application
  • Step4: Click on get unlimited halo credits and also its hack to enjoy the application

People also search for other ways to grab unlimited coins i.e.

  • My Tools Town hack YouTube
  • Subscriber tools town
  • My Tools Town bomber
  • My Tools Town call bomber

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does My Tools Town really works on iOS devices?

Unfortunately, as per the reviews of iOS users, this application does not work on their devices. It is one of the biggest disadvantages of this app.

Q: Does My Tools Town charge a subscription fee?

No, this application doesn’t charge any fee for availing its services. Instead, it offers user credits to provide its services.

Q: Which tools are available on My Tools Town Dashboard?

Several tools are present here on the dashboard, some of which include the following:


Q: Do users have to log in to their Insta account before accessing application tools?

No, there is no need to do this to get likes and followers. It uses a demo account to bring real followers and likes to the existing Insta account.

Q: Does this application gets traffic on-site?

The regular traffic on My Tools Town website gets per month up to 650k. 

Q: What is the official link for accessing My Tools Town application?

The active URL link to download the application is

Q: Is there any income source after using my tools,

Yes, the primary income source of My Tools Town is Google AdSense ads

Q: Name some unique features of My Tools Town?

Some of the fascinating features of My Tools Town Instagram application are 

  • Increase YouTube subscription and views
  • Make free backlinks on the app
  • Helps to boost free Tiktok followers
  • Instagram followers and comments etc.

Q: What made this application famous, among others?

It offers free followers over social media, which is the only reason these types of websites get millions of traffic per month.

Q: Is this application safe and legal as per terms and conditions?

This website does not use spammy ads and popups that will slow your computer or mobile phone, injecting viruses that can be harmful to you. So, this app is legally allowed.

Q: How to download the latest Movie using My Tools

As it is completely legal, providing real followers without spending any money. A user just has to paste the copied link into the search section and download the Movie.

Q: Name some websites like My Tools Town?

  1. Igtools
  2. To follow
  3. Techysuper
  4. Into
  5. Technomantu


My Tools Town application is immensely user-friendly so that all people enjoy the application. In addition, it has an attractive interface with all instructions. Here you can grab immense free like, comments, and followers on your Instagram account in a very short time. 



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