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 UGC : Why It Is Important For Successful Marketing In 2022

User generated content is original brand specific content created by the customers and published on social media. It can be in any form including videos, photos, posters, articles and more which helps to generate trust between the customers and the brand. It provides an honest review to the customers on behalf of the brand. 

It uses original content from the previous experience and reviews given by its consumers and the detailed information by the brand. It works as a social proof and helps brands to expand and this further helps to increase the sales.

In today’s era every single person uses the internet and social media for basic to large information. UGC has become an important content marketing strategy. It  publishes its content on social media and the internet so that it becomes easy for every single customer to access the information.

Importance of UGC

A matter of trust

Trust, yes this is what missing in other more primitives’ techniques of marketing as the brand promoters present their product as flawless, don’t don’t we think this the nature of human beings to represent their best self among the unknowns. The promoters sometimes tend to exaggerate their product to such extent that they tend to loose the trust which should follow.

The concept of marketing is to get people interested in your product or idea. A brand should be able to make a mark to the customer but also should engage with coustomers on regular basis in order to make your products presens fast. 

With trust being the heartbeat of an effective marketing, user generated content helps in authenticating the brand.

User Generated Content is basically a promotion by the users of the product or brand. Blog’s, post’s, tweets and reviews are some of the methods to user generated marketing, also there are many social media tools to curate UGC

In the world of social media & internet brand marketing, UGC have a widespread reach to potential customers looking for authenticating products. So, coming to the heartbeat of marketing which is trust is being present as a social evidence by this form.

In this form of marketing, firms are benifited without even spending any capital with people vouching for your brand it given a sense of connection between the brand and the customers. 

According to the Nielsen Consumers Trust, as high as 92% of users trust the users generated content rather than any brand promoted marketing.

When any consumer as user select his desired product according to his needs, the decisive role played by the reviews of product because that gives an assurity to the product will surely being value. 

In today’s world of online shopping, a good or a bad review plays a differentiating role. Whth this comes something shortcoming of the UGC manipulation of review, photos according to the market. This basically brings our connection on brands fake reviews or promotions.

Generally a fake review can be easily caught  by identification of few important patterns. Also the presentation could seems a little unnatural. 

Online channel’s have helped grow various quality brands and and a lot of small business who are unable to spend on promotions or advertisements  whether it’s a new restaurant or hotel, shop, boutique or any product for that matter user generated  is the most authentic may for promising and quality brand or product.

Marketing in a true sense is the promotion of the produces and the mode promotion is the method of spreading its qualities.


It is created in videos, pictures, and articles, and can be of the following -:

  1. Social media content
  2. Blogs
  3. Ratings and Reviews 
  4. Videos and others.


When the people you believe or your favourite influencer post about the product on any social media site,you believe in the reviews given by them and take them seriously. The post is also known as UGC.


For example, a fashion influencer uses a beauty cream , they use the product to show tutorials, tell benefits or give a review , in a post or a video, this is UGC. ( they didn’t pay for that product).  


When a person writes his experience about his purchase in any comment (from the website where he purchased) section is also a UGC.


Any video posted on stories, on feeds ,or reels regarding the reviews of the product is also known as UGC.

THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE User Generated Content


When a consumer views the UGC as 2.4 times more authentic then content developed by the brand. Authenticity and quality are equal characteristics of successful content.  


The first goal of the marketer is to reach out to large no. of customers or viewers with a lot of exposure to engage and convince


It is a technique to attract customers to the brand. Every single feedback has an important role as it is UGC marketing strategy.


Market campaigns don’t work for a single time, they work continuously with relevant supply of authentic content. 


UGC is a digital marketing strategy which generates trust between the brand and its customers. It creates a brand image and it  is cost efficient, authentic and trustworthy. 

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