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Types of Skirting Boards and Some Ideas for Black Skirting In Your Home

Skirting boards are the best ways to give aesthetic looks to your house, office or any other buildings. These are also known as kickboards and are prevalent nowadays. Usually, they are made up of wood or MDF.

 Skirting boards offer many advantages, like enhancement of looks, damage protection, etc. Also, many types of skirting are available, allowing customers to choose from wide varieties. It would help to choose black skirting boards and door frames to give your house the best look.

What are a skirting board and its purpose?

These are boards that are present and run the junction of floor and wall. It helps to give protection to walls like protection from wear and tear, abrasion protection, etc. these boards are also called baseboards or kickboards. The average height of these skirting boards is about 145mm, and the thickness is 12mm. It offers the following purposes:-

  • Avoid any damage in the wall junction.
  • It helps avoid any dirt marks on the walls while mopping the house.
  • Provide your room with the most refined classic and traditional looks.
  • It covers the extra space between the wall and floor and frees space between the wall and your furniture items.

Some ideas to incorporate black skirting boards in your home

Black skirting boards are excellent for adding style to your building and giving it an aesthetic vibe. There are some ways or combinations you can apply with black skirting boards to make your room look better.

Contrast with black skirting boards

It is an excellent option if you choose black skirting boards and door frames for your room. You may think of using it with white walls, which will be the most vintage combo ever. On the other hand, you may use black skirting boards with any light colour wall to add contrasting colours to your room. It is not essential to choose dramatic colour shade combinations like black and white. 

You can use this skirting board with any light shade of your choice. For example, imagine a grey wall with black skirting. You will find it a fantastic combination. It will help to draw the attention of the visitors to your house.

Add black to your colours

If you already have some black colours in your room, including these black skirting boards will be much easier. Think of it as black, the dominant colour of your scheme, making it easier for you to add any items to your theme.

You may add different light shades to your theme, but soft furnishings and black skirting boards will give you a great vibe. If you are not of dark theme type person, you may choose secondary light colours in some areas of the room.

Full black

You may also paint your walls black and give them a classic look. But it will only be possible if you have a source of enough light in your room, or it will be dark every time you enter your room. So imagine the room’s look when you have black walls and black skirting boards.

It will also benefit you in terms of entertainment as it is an excellent way of watching movies in dark rooms. Today, youth love the idea of painting black rooms and using black skirting boards for them.

Choose single shade

There are many different shades of black. You have to choose before applying any of the shades to it. Some may have a dark blue overtone which will make your room more cool looking. On the other hand, you may go for brown shade black paint for a warmer experience. Your black colour should also complement your furniture and should be in contrast with them.

If you choose dark shades in your room, your interior should be light in colour. Also, you don’t have to waste your time on cleaning if you choose black colour as a shade.

Divide your room with different colour schemes

You may create a monochrome in your room and may have different colour schemes in the same room. The black and white colour schemes are the most popular ones. You may give your room an artistic look by making your lower half of the room with black skirting and other painted black. This will add drama to your room and make you feel pleased to do this. 

Types of skirting

There is the following type of skirting popular in the market:

Metal skirting

In this, stainless steel is used for skirting. It gives a modern look and also gives your room a rich vibe. In addition, it gives a light touch to your room theme, which makes your room looks great.

Pencil skirting

It brings clean and finished looks and is used mainly on plain or patterned walls.

Wooden skirting

If you have granite floors, then wooden skirting is your best choice. It will give artistic vibes and is mainly used for the traditional touch. There are many ranges of size in it in the market. Also, you have different options for colours and patterns.

Flush skirting

In this skirting, walls and skirt boards are on the same level, which gives you the advantage that it doesn’t hold dirt particles.

Continued skirting

This skirting type is mainly used on stair walls or interior walls that require the continuation of the board. This also gives an aesthetic look to that part.

Double layered

This is two-toned skirting and helps to give details to your room. These are used to increase protection and also prevent any damage.

So we have seen that skirting boards offer you many benefits, and black skirting boards and door frames give you a great vibe. You can add a touch of black to your room or make contrasts with skirting boards. Moreover, you can also protect your walls and furniture with it. So don’t sit back and buy today to make your room looks better and more enjoyable.



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