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Types Of Jewellery Every Woman Should Own

A wide variety of jewellery is available in the market. As a result, people get confused about what they should bring to almost every occasion or event. Sterling silver jewellery makes a great choice because it is suitable for all occasions. You may choose to wear handmade jewellery on special occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. 

You can visit a reliable handmade jewellery online store to get handmade jewellery pieces at affordable prices. When you go to buy jewellery, you never run out of options. There are plenty of different types of jewellery that you can include in your personal collection. In this blog, we will talk about the types of jewellery that every woman should have!

Antique And Vintage Jewellery

Vintage and antique jewellery are interchangeable terms, but there is a time difference between them. They are considered antique when their pieces are more than a hundred years old. Jewellery considered vintage must be at least fifty years old, timeless, and not prone to ‘going out of style.’ People wear vintage jewellery as a fashion statement, but antique jewellery is often too rare and valuable for everyday wear. It is quite difficult to find genuine antique or vintage jewellery these days. For this reason, such jewellery pieces are quite expensive.

Bead Jewellery For Women 

There are many different kinds of beads, each of which has a hole pierced into it for stringing. From wood, glass, and paper to metals like gold, silver, brass, and copper, beads come in a wide range of materials. Since time immemorial, beads have been worn as jewellery all over the world in virtually every culture. A pearl is an organic gemstone, while a coral is a mineral. Most precious and semi-precious gemstone beads are mineral-based. They can be worn as strands by themselves or as embellishments on necklaces and earrings.

Bridal Jewellery

When we refer to bridal jewellery, we are talking about bigger, heavier, and ornate jewellery, as the name indicates. It is the bride who is the center of attention at a wedding. Nowadays, people emphasize wearing bracelets at weddings. So, we will suggest you wear a Sterling Silver Evil Eye Bracelet because it gives an elegant look to the bride.

Fashion Or Costume Jewellery

A costume jewellery item is a style accessory that you can use to look fashionable without costing a fortune. People also call it junk or fashion jewellery, or even fake jewels. Craftsmen design it to complement fashion outfits or costumes.

Craftsmen lightly plate the cheaper metals like nickel and pewter with gold and silver to give them a ‘real’ look.

Costume jewellery pieces are distinct from fashion jewellery. During the 1930s, it became popular in the West. However, Fine jewellery pieces are expensive, and typically mothers pass them to their daughters. Artisans reproduce brass and gold or silver-plated versions of these designs. They also use synthetic stones or stones of similar composition instead of real stones while making the jewellery.

Filigree Jewellery

‘Filigree’ comes from the Latin word ‘filum,’ which means thread, and ‘granum,’ meaning grain. Craftsmen use fine beadwork to make gold and silver filigree and delicately twist threads and wires. This craft form was especially popular in Asian jewellery between 1660 and 1900, but it was also common in Italian and French metalwork.

Handmade Jewellery

The history of hand-crafted jewellery has a long and rich tradition in many countries. Even today, craftsmen make them by hand, passing skills from father to son for several centuries. The traditional goldsmith was also the craftsman and would do all the work of making it, from melting gold to designing and forming to setting stones. Producing unique and not mass-produced jewellery requires special tools and is laborious and time-consuming. 

Each piece of handmade jewellery is rich in detail and intricately crafted. You will see an amazing assortment of handmade jewellery in the market.

Kundan Jewellery 

Kundan refers to pure gold and the style of setting gems. In general, it is either uncut diamonds or 24-carat gold foil Polki. A prong holds the gemstone in a modern diamond. Craftsmen use a layer of 24k gold foil between the mounting and the stone in Kundan. These pieces also commonly contain gems such as rubies, sapphires, spinels, and pearls. In addition, modern Kundan pieces often feature semi-precious stones such as tourmalines, onyx, and turquoise.

Polki Jewellery 

Uncut, flat-cut or rose-cut diamonds are Polki. They aren’t as thick as regular-cut and faceted diamonds like round brilliants, nor do they shine as brightly. Because of this, Polkis are less expensive than brilliant diamonds. They are famous as Valandis among people, and they use it to make Kundan jewellery. Nowadays, craftsmen use glass instead of Polkis or uncut diamonds to make Kundan jewellery more affordable.

Minakari Jewellery

Minakari is the art of enamelling metal with vibrant colours and beautiful designs derived from the Persian words Minoo. The technique is similar to cloisonné work, which is used to decorate jewellery. The art of cloisonné has been popular in parts of Western Asia, China, and Europe for a long time. A craftsman uses finely-powdered glass to melt metal oxides to create the colour. After that, the metal is painted with the chosen design and fired to set it. 

Way Ahead

These are some of the types of jewellery that you must have at your home. You can wear them according to the occasion or the events. We hope you like the blog, and if you like it, please share your views with us. 

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