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Types of Embroidery Techniques

When we talk about embroidery there is a list of embroidery techniques, and they are very confusing to remember. If you want to learn related to the various types of embroidery techniques, then you are on the right page. After reading this blog you will be able to discuss the number of embroidery techniques used in the modern world.

What is Embroidery?

It is a field of art where a craftsman produces a piece of fabric or garments by using a needle and a piece of cotton, silk, or yarn. In the field of embroidery, there is also a usage of different antiques like pearls and beads, etc. Nowadays this technique is most popular as custom embroidery digitization. Mostly custom embroidery digitizing is being applied on the caps, branded shirts, etc. We will discuss all the related techniques of embroidery in the below article.

Different types of Embroidery.

Whitework Embroidery:

In this technique of embroidery, the stitching fabric foundation, and the thread color both are the same. This is also famous for white on white embroidery, and it looks charming and attractive.

Goldwork Embroidery:

In this technique of embroidery, metal threads are applied to the art. The metal threads used for the goldwork embroidery are mostly silver-coated gold.

Redwork Embroidery:

In this type of embroidery, red threads are embraided in the white or normal color fabric or garments.

Blackwork Embroidery:

In this type of embroidery, Black threads are embraided in the white fabric or garments.

Bluework Embroidery:

In this type of embroidery, blue threads are embraided in the white or natural color fabric or garments.

Kashidkari Embroidery:

This is well known as the Kashmiri embroidery. This Embroidery evolves in the region while the Mughals were in the crown. These types of embroidery had got inspiration from nature the reason this technique’s main theme is birds’ flowers, trees, and other things which are the part of nature. It is accomplished by using the chain stitch on silk and cotton-based fabrics. Only one or two color threads are being used to complete the whole embroidery.

Sashiko Embroidery:

The origin of sashiko embroidery is Japan, In this technique, a dark color fabric is used and the light color threads are applied to the dark color fabric.

Chikenkari embroidery:

This is the most decent, beautiful, and historical embroidery technique in India. It is most famous in the Lucknow region of India. And the folks believe that this embroidery technique was initiated by famous Indian queen Noor Jahan and is one of the most beautiful and acceptable decorating styles in the textile industry. This embroidery type was initiated as white on white embroidery. Initially, these hand embroidery techniques were just applied on the chiffon and other related materials but nowadays This technique has also been adopted with the usage of cotton and silk threads. The types of fabric used for these techniques are not too thick.

Crewelwork embroidery:

In this type of embroidery, there is a usage of thread which is prepared from the wool and the yarns. Crewelwork has a minute additional texture and dimensions to it as the wool thread is heavier than cotton floss that is commonly used with embroidery.

Cutwork embroidery:

This technique involves creating holes and other shapes in the fabric by cutting it from the center and other parts and decorating the ends of the holes and shapes to avoid them from fraying.

These are the some of famous techniques which are being used in the field of embroidery. It is just a small effort to explain some of the famous embroidery techniques. Ribbon Embroidery, Punch Needle, Needle Point, and Stumpwork are some of the other techniques which are being used in the field of embroidery. We hope that this article has helped you a lot with the different techniques of embroidery.

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