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Trekking e-bike or mountain bike?

If you prefer to ride sporty and in challenging terrain, an electric mountain bike is ideal. diamondback vital 2 if, on the other hand, you need the bike more for everyday life and in the city, an urban/city e-bike is the bike of choice.

In contrast to these special types of bicycles, the trekking e-bike is a hybrid because it combines the driving characteristics of mountain and city bikes. The trekking e-bike is superior to the mountain bike and city bike in that it is suitable for both off-road and urban use.

Spoilt for choice: the various trekking e-bikes

When distinguishing between trekking e-bikes, it is not so much a question of whether it is a trekking e-bike for women or a trekking e-bike for men. More important are the frame types, which we present to you in the table. The decision for a certain frame type is then primarily a balance between sportiness and comfort.

Diamond frame

the classic

high crossbar that stabilizes the wheel

for sporty driving

difficult ascent

Trapezoidal frame

inclined or lowered crossbar

slightly less stability

comfortable boarding and disembarking

Wave frame

no crossbar, but thick lower bar

less stable, but heavier

even easier ascent and descent

Advantages and disadvantages of the diamond trekking e-bike

The classic diamond shape has not lasted so long for anything, but it does not only offer advantages:


more stable than the other frame types

also lighter

enables sporty driving


makes it difficult to get on and off

unsuitable for people with disabilities

Trekking e-bikes in the test: either with mid-engine or with rear engine

If you are still looking for your trekking e-bike, you have the choice between a mid- or rear-engine. As the names suggest, the mid-engine is mounted in the middle of the e-bike, on the bottom bracket. The rear engine is located in the hub of the rear wheel.

The mid-engine on the e-bike trekking bike has a better reputation because the weight is distributed more evenly on the bike, which improves the riding characteristics. best hybride bike guide the battery life is also longer here. A disadvantage of this engine is that it is comparatively loud.

In contrast, the rear engine gets plus points for sporty driving and a quieter engine. However, this can overheat if a longer incline has to be mastered.

This distinguishes between trekking e-bikes and S-pedelec

S-Pedelecs are e-bikes that can travel up to 45 km/h. Legally, they are no longer considered bicycles, but mopeds. Accordingly, there is not only a helmet obligation, you must also be able to show a driving license of the class AM as well as insurance.

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