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Treatments to help correct a double chin

Did you know that an estimated 80% of women have some degree of a double chin? It’s practically inescapable. This is why you see so many ads for products and services that claim to get rid of your double chin. Of course, these are usually scams. The only natural way to combat a double chin is by getting liposuction or another cosmetic procedure with similar results. That doesn’t mean there aren’t any treatments that can effectively help correct a double chin without leaving you with lumps and bumps from the surgery itself. There are several excellent options out there. Many of them come from natural home remedies or beauty routines you’re probably already familiar with! Read on to learn about eight different treatments for double chins:

1. Kybella

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure using a topical cream to shrink your double chin. It is one of the most popular treatments for double chins and is used by many celebrities. The cream is effective in shrinking the jowls and reducing the double chin. It is injected directly into the skin in a tiny area of your neck. The injection lasts for 3-6 months. The treatment is not available at all locations but can be done in a few different places. Make sure to talk to your doctor about the best site for you.

2. Botox Injection

Botox is a neurotoxin that was created as a treatment for muscle spasms. It paralyzes the muscles it targets, so they can’t contract. This makes them relax, reducing the appearance of the muscles themselves. Botox is a great way to get rid of your double chin if you have trouble with it because it’s not permanent or irreversible. You can get rid of your double chin by having Botox injected into key muscles around your face that cause it, and then have them treated with an anti-wrinkle cream to remove the toxins’ effects. This method also requires no downtime and doesn’t require an incision site, so recovery is barely noticeable.

3. Facial Toning Creams

Facial toning creams are a great way to help correct a double chin by increasing facial muscle tone and skin elasticity. They work by hydrating your skin and helping to stimulate blood flow. Facial toning creams also help to encourage the formation of new collagen, which helps to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. There are several types of facial toning creams on the market. They can be purchased over the counter in drugstores or ordered online.

4. Lower Face & Neck Lift

This may be your best bet to get rid of a double chin. This procedure is a bit more intense than the other treatments listed here, but it’s also one that can give you the results you are looking for. This involves using one or more incisions in the chin area. The incision(s) will then be used to create a new skin for your face to correct your double chin. In addition to creating new skin, this treatment can elevate the recessed areas of your face by removing excess fat from these areas and redistributing it elsewhere on your body.

5. Liposuction

This treatment has been around for quite some time. It has proven to be a convenient option for reducing unwanted fat deposits in various body parts without leaving you with lumps or bumps from the surgery itself. The procedure works by using suction to remove fat from areas of your body where it is unwanted (the chin area being one). If you’re interested in learning more about liposuction and how it may be able to help reduce your double chin, read our full article on this subject here: Liposuction: The Ultimate Fat Removal Treatment

6. Aerobic Exercise and Diet

This is probably the most popular double chin treatment out there. It’s also one of the most effective. Aerobics helps tone your body. It also helps tighten your skin, which can make a big difference in the appearance of your double chin. It’s especially effective if you’re a smoker as well because it can help reduce the size of your double chin by up to 20%. You only need to get in some form of aerobic exercise 4-6 times per week. You don’t need to be on a treadmill or doing aerobics for hours at a time. 10-20 minutes will do just fine. You can also try eating more raw fruits and vegetables (especially carrots), drinking green tea, and using natural oils on your skin, such as coconut or olive oil. These will help improve the elasticity and moisture content of your skin, which can help reduce wrinkles and give you that youthful glow that everyone wants.


CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure that uses a series of targeted nozzles to freeze fat cells. The intense cold then melts these cells, leaving you with smooth, toned skin. The treatment is safe and effective for both men and women. It can even be used to treat neck and jawline fat. Although it’s not FDA approved for double chin, CoolSculpting has been used in several studies to help reduce double chin measurements, which can be found here on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons website.

8. Radio Frequency

Radiofrequency is another non-invasive procedure used in the past to reduce the size of the double chin. Radiofrequency works by heating fat cells and causing them to contract, which can cause them to “shrink” or “collapse.” The procedure takes around 15-30 minutes and is entirely safe. You can find out more about it here: Radio Frequency Double Chin Treatment.

If you’re looking for a double chin treatment that is safe, effective, and affordable, we’ve got one for you. It’s the best way to remove those unwanted fat deposits that can make your face look bloated and uncomfortable. It’s also a great way to help get rid of any neck fat. It’s a bit pricey at $900, but it is worth every penny.



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