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Transform your business communication with Missed Call Solution in 2022

Missed call solutions offer a unique method of information sharing. Businesses will quickly adopt it as a pull-marketing strategy to persuade viewers to interact with them. Because of the latest cloud technology, missed call solutions providers have become increasingly popular. Marketers may use this clever blend to analyze and monitor campaign performance while creating content appropriate to the target audience.

What is a Missed Call Solution?

A missed call is a cloud telephony solution for an unanswered phone call. A missed call solution commonly built on Cloud capabilities includes tracking calls, recording caller responses and sending an auto-notification message. This strategy has been accomplished by making a restaurant reservation or organizing a doctor’s appointment. Businesses can employ cloud capabilities like IVR, call recordings, and auto-attendant to get a holistic view of their campaigns and use missed call solutions.

Qualified lead generation

Regardless of company size, a missed call solution will dramatically improve marketing campaign performance through quality lead generation as the prospect’s information is received in real-time for interaction. By using a virtual phone number in their communication efforts, organizations or enterprises may simply encourage their audience to engage with them, especially when the audience is calling from a remote location without internet access.

Increase market reach

A missed call is free for the targeted audience, but for businesses or brands, it provides an opportunity to get feedback from potential buyers and consumers. A missed call SMS campaign with a toll-free number efficiently gains audience interest during promotions to boost brand awareness.

Opt-in/opt-out confirmation

A missed call solutions provider will work like magic for businesses looking to provide customized services or products while preventing legal issues with Do-Not-Disturb (DND) numbers. Offering opt-in/opt-out options during marketing campaigns can help companies save time and effort in chasing their targeted audience for conversion. Opt-ins ensure no spam is registered, but opt-outs confirm that clients are interested in the items or services offered.

Improve the efficiency of outbound calling campaigns

By combining a missed call solution with outbound marketing campaigns, businesses may send action-oriented messages to their target audience to promote products or services.

Improve marketing campaign interactivity

A missed call is a smart approach to getting client feedback on services and products while delivering information about new products and services. Furthermore, with the collected consumer feedback, businesses can compare the performance of their services/products.

Seamless integration with analytic tools

A missed call solution is simple to combine with custom analytics tools such as Google Analytics and another common CRM program. The analytics dashboard monitors caller trends and campaign performance to provide valuable business insights that improve the success rate of marketing campaigns. With this reporting interface, businesses may quickly record and analyze the information gained from each user’s journey.

IVR involvement 

The IVR capability is believed to provide high-level benefits within your call centre platform. Have you considered adding an improved IVR solution that offers two benefits? If you haven’t tried it yet, you can do so by integrating the missed call solution into your existing CRM. You can’t keep track of missed consumer calls and hang up on them without getting a good response. With the help of a missed call service provider in India, you may avoid this problem in your customer connectivity by customizing customer responses with a multi-level menu.

Toll-free missed call numbers

Branding is an important element that must be integrated into other business strategies. You must provide a more fulfilling feature that helps clients during call interaction expand your brand identification in the minds of the huge customer mass. Toll-free is the best way to guarantee this. Toll-free number call trafficking can indeed help you to get promising consumers. But what if some of the client calls go unanswered? You may save customer contact and assure better customer connectivity by giving a better toll-free number, and a toll-free missed call number.

Real-time updates

Consider what happens if you know about the missed call during your break or interval. You won’t be able to respond to the customer on time. You will be disappointed if you take too long to answer customer calls. You can avoid this by using the missed call solutions by the real-time notification option. Customers will check out alternative businesses as a result.

Shift to missed call solution Knowlarity is one of the most cost-effective missed call services, and they can get you set up immediately. More than 6000 companies from over 65 countries use Knowlarity in various industries. They assist the clients in maximizing the benefits of cloud-based communication.

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